how to use plank station stranded deep

How to Use Plank Station in Stranded deep

We will talk about How to use Plank Station in Stranded deep. In this game, you are let be on an island, and in request to get by, you have to make the best use of all the assets you have on the island. Plank Station is among the many tools you can create to make your survival easier. So this is the way to make and use a plank station in Stranded Deep.

In the event that the player intends to construct designs or craft valuable things, for example, farm plots or rafts, the planking station is definitely worth the work. Plank stations can be created using the recipe in the crafting menu, making use of a refined ax, hammer, four sticks, a log, and a lashing. While gathering materials, players ought to avoid breaking down cleaved wood into sticks while attempting to get a log.

However wood hacked from trees can be further separated into sticks for fueling fires, crafting tools, and more, the logs can also be reused into planks with which to construct and craft other useful things. Stranded Deep players have likely gone over several planks during their travels, however a planking station allows players to craft them.

how to use plank station stranded deep

How to Craft a Plank Station in Stranded Deep

The recipe for the plank station can be found in the crafting menu like anything else, and requires a refined ax, a rough hammer, four sticks, a log, and one lashing. Generally, these materials are easy to obtain or craft, however players ought to be certain not to break down cleaved wood into sticks while trying to get the log. This does require a refined ax, however, so early on it will be hard to craft. After creating the plank station, the player can use it to transform signs into planks allowing further crafting.

How to Craft and Use Planks in Stranded Deep

After creating the plank station, using it to make planks is incredibly basic. Bring a log over to the plank station and open the crafting menu. Navigate over to tools and towards the bottom of the rundown players ought to find plank. Creating planks just requires one log for every plank and for the player to be near the planking station. After creating the planks, called plank scraps, the player can use them to create rafts, farming plots, or buildings, so they certainly prove to be useful in the long run.

Ideally creating a plank station will assist with furthering player’s journey for survival by providing them with cover, new techniques for travel, and sustainable food, and given the relative ease of creating planks after crafting the plank station, players shouldn’t find themselves wanting for planks anymore.

how to use plank station stranded deep

How does the plank station work on Stranded Deep?

Plank Station is used to create Plank Scraps from Wood Logs of downed Palm Trees. While using a Plank Station, Palm Trees do not should be broken into Wood Logs in request to create Plank Scrap. One Plank Scrap is created per each Wood Log section.

How do you make a plank house in Stranded Deep?

  • Craft or prepare a Hammer.
  • Gather the materials and assets expected to craft a Foundation.
  • Open the building menu and select the Foundation.
  • Place the foundation and fabricate it with your Hammer.
  • Repeat until you have a whole base.