Where To Get Traveler Constellation Items in Genshin Impact

Anemo Traveler: Memory of Wandering Storms Get Traveler Constellation Items in Genshin Impact Geo Traveler: Memory of Motionless Crystals Electro Traveler: Memory of Purple Flash Dendro Traveler: Memory of Blooming Greenery Mondstadt Ballad of Freedom Resistance Liyu Gold Prosperity Diligence Inazuma Elegance Light Transience Twilight

Each Genshin Impact character, with the exception of the Traveler, needs Stella Fortuna to work on their gifts. In any case, the Traveler is somewhat unique. Rather than utilizing Stella Fortuna, the Traveler utilizes different things to work on his star grouping, every one of which relates to one of the components with which he can be related. For instance, geo traveler constellation 6 a Traveler in coalition with Anemo utilizes the Memory of meandering tempests to uncover each step of his star grouping.

Where To Get Traveler Constellation Items in Genshin Impact

These exceptional things are not acquired through similar strategies as Stella Fortunas, and on second thought should be tracked down in alternate ways. There are six duplicates of each, to finish up the full six stars in the Traveler’s heavenly body. We should investigate where to track down every one of these things.

Anemo Traveler: Memory of Roving Gales

The thing that an Anemo-adjusted Traveler utilizes for their star grouping is the Memory of Roving Gales. Here’s where to track down them.

  • One duplicate of the Memory of Roving Gales can be gotten Dendrograna In Sumeru by finishing the mission For a Tomorrow Without Tears (Act II of the Prologue).
  • A second can then be procured for finishing Act III of the Prologue, Song of the Dragon and Freedom.
  • The third, fourth, and fifth duplicates can be acquired by arriving at Adventure Rank 27, AR 37, and AR 46. At the point when the player has arrived at these positions, they’ll gather their compensations from Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild.
  • At last, a 6th Memory of Roving Gales can be bought from Marjorie, who runs the trinket shop called With Wind Comes Glory. She’ll sell it for 225 Anemo Sigils.

Geo Traveler: Memory of Immovable Crystals

For the Geo-adjusted Traveler, group of stars overhauls require the Memory of Immovable Crystals things. These are tracked down in comparable strategies to the Anemo things, for certain distinctions.

  • A first Memory of Immovable Crystals is compensated to the player in the wake of finishing the second demonstration of Chapter I, Farewell, Archaic Lord.
  • A second is then granted for finishing Act III of Chapter I, A New Star Approaches.
  • The other four are available to be purchased at the Liyue Harbor trinket shop, Mingxing Jewelry. Xingxi, who runs the shop, will sell them for 225 Geo Sigils each, for a sum of 900 Sigils.

Electro Traveler: Memory of Violet Flash

Explorers lined up with the force of Electro will require a Memory of Violet Flash for each level of their group of stars. These are tracked down in the accompanying ways:

  • One is a prize for finishing Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, Dendro Sigils which is Act II of Chapter II.
  • One more is acquired for completing Act III of similar section, named Omnipresence Over Mortals.
  • At last, the excess four are awards for stepping up the Statues of the Seven in Inazuma to the accompanying levels:
  • Level 3
  • Level 5
  • Level 7
  • Level 9

Dendro Traveler: Memory of Flourishing Green

Voyagers who visit Sumeru and line up with Dendro will require a thing called Memory of Flourishing Green for their star grouping enhancers. Presently, simply three duplicates are affirmed to be accessible, with the rest yet to be delivered or realistic in a manner that has not yet been found. We will, obviously, update this page with more data when the other three are affirmed.

Until further notice, here are the techniques for acquiring the initial three:

  • One can be procured by finishing Chapter III, Act II: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings
  • Two are acquired by stepping up the Statues of the Seven in Sumeru
  • One at Level 3
  • One at Level 5

How would you open the group of stars Genshin Impact?

  • So if for instance you as of now have Barbara – utilize the wish framework, and in the event that you get another Barbara this will allow you to open one phase of the star grouping. Each character can be acquired up to multiple times – the underlying playable person, and afterward 6 group of stars focuses.
  • The special cases for this are the Traveler, Get Traveler Constellation Items in Genshin Impact and Aloy.
  • The Traveler’s heavenly bodies are opened through different means – Statues of the Seven, storyline/archon journeys, and raising your Adventure Rank.
  • Aloy doesn’t as of now have a method for acquiring heavenly bodies, albeit this should come from here on out – I could figure there may be an occasion or the like?

How significant is it to actuate the star groupings in the computer game Genshin Impact?

  • Not significant enough to make the game compensation to win by requiring it or anything. I quit playing some time prior due to absence of time and the game rebuffs you for not doing your 5 dailies consistently, spending your gum consistently, and doing each occasion before it terminates. I could do without it when games that cause you to feel terrible for not playing them for a week or thereabouts. So while I loved Genshin, I loathed the awareness of certain expectations and quit.
  • That being said, never did I experience issues with any of the substance (aside from definite floor twisting pit, yet that would likely be troublesome in any case) Get Traveler Constellation Items in Genshin Impact because of absence of groups of stars on a portion of my characters.
  • That being said a few characters have significant stars on their heavenly body. However, keqing for instance, truly had no great ones (perhaps they polished her since? I somewhat question it), in the mean time, Hu Tao, while great, had a great star grouping one, everything being equal, which nearly characterizes her whole playstyle for certain individuals. She’s absolutely reasonable without it, great even, however with it, you can play her totally contrastingly and be perfect.