How To Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia

Thymesia, as most soulslikes, is very troublesome. With rebuffing mechanics Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia and restricted assets, players truly need to comprehend how to battle each rival they face to remain alive. The Hanged Queen isn’t the hardest manager in Thymesia, yet can in any case be a remarkable test in the event that players don’t know about her strategies.

Players will find The Hanged Queen toward the finish of The Royal Gardens Zone. She is the subsequent chief (not including Varg) players will look after Odur in the Sea of Trees. The Hanged Queen coordinates The Royal Garden with her tremendous and wicked gem structure, and is battled in a colossal field with pools of blood all over. While The Hanged Queen has a few cool capacities, such as having the option to mend in the battle, her assaults are staggeringly sluggish and broadcast, Hanged Queen making her a piece less troublesome than Odur.

How To Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia

  • After a couple of rounds against The Hanged Queen in Thymesia, you will realize every one of her moves and timings, so you can evade them without any problem. Her definitive is the main assault you should be more cautious with, Yellow Fog as you can bite the dust on the off chance that you get found out and need more wellbeing. In the event that you take the smart actions, this battle can be finished effectively in almost no time, so get ready to hit her whenever you have the opportunity and utilize your Claw to cut her green wellbeing bar.
  • Try not to let her fix herself, or you will make some harder memories with this battle. Hit her with quick and compelling Saber assaults, and make sure to utilize your Plague Weapon. The Halberd is ideal for this fight, as it handles a speedy series of cuts and arrangements a decent measure of harm. The Whip is additionally great as it will assist with shutting the hole among you and the beast, allowing you to utilize your Claw following.
  • In the event that you believe you ought to step up additional prior to beginning this supervisor fight in Thymesia, you can cultivate Memory Shards in the library close by, utilizing the Beacon close to The Hanged Queen’s field as a base. You will acquire around 1500 recollections each time you kill every one of the foes around here. Also, in the event that you have an uncertain outlook on the best gifts to use against the Royal Garden’s chief, we suggest opening the Long Dodge, as you will escape from most assaults, and the Long Claw, since it bargains essentially more harm to the green wellbeing bar.
  • After effectively crushing The Hanged Queen, Stats and Acquire Talents you will get The Hanged Queen’s Core, a Forgotten Feather, and 4800 Memory Shards.
  • Furthermore, assuming you actually need some assistance with Thymesia, we have recorded the best gifts to open right off the bat in the game and made sense of how for use Plague Weapons.

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