How to Get the True Ending in Hades

How to Get the True Ending in Hades – Ultimate Guide

Steps to Take to Get the True Ending

Getting the true ending in Hades, a roguelike activity RPG created by Supergiant Games, involves a few steps:

How to Get the True Ending in Hades

Progress Through the Story: Play the game and progress through the storyline. You should overcome various managers and advance the account by conversing with characters in the Hidden world.

Complete Main Missions: Spotlight on completing main journeys, which often involve interacting with different characters like Nyx, Achilles, and Hades himself. Engaging in these missions disentangles the story.

Form Connections: Assemble associations with the characters by giving them Nectar and Ambrosia. This will open extra discussions and storylines that are fundamental for the true ending.

Gift Souvenirs: Give mementos (trinkets representing characters) to other characters. This can develop your associations with them and uncover more about their backstories.

Gather Titan Blood: As you progress, you’ll get Titan Blood. Use it to overhaul your weapons and open secret angles. These perspectives can assist you during your getaway endeavors and interactions with characters.

Open Secret Perspectives: To get to stowed away parts of your weapons, invest Titan Blood in them. Every viewpoint offers novel capacities and can influence the story.

Find Codex Sections: Watch out for your Codex, which contains information about characters, foes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Unlocking extra Codex passages can give insights into the game’s legend.

Get away from the Hidden world On different occasions: You want to get away from the Hidden world on various occasions to get to different endings. Each fruitful break endeavor adds to the overall movement of the story.

Open Story Perspectives: As you continue escaping and advancing the story, you’ll open different Story Viewpoints. These are critical to uncovering more about the characters’ pasts and inspirations.

Continue Discussions: After each departure, return to the Place of Hades and continue discussions with characters. Share your encounters and pay attention to their responses.

Rehash and Progress: Hades is intended for different playthroughs. Continue repeating the pattern of escaping, building connections, and discovering more about the story. Eventually, you will uncover the true ending.

What Changes After Getting the True Ending

After obtaining the true ending in Hades, the game’s story arrives at a satisfying conclusion. However, the experience doesn’t end there. You can continue playing to:

Seek after extra in-game achievements and open more happy.
Investigate new story ways and develop associations with characters.
Challenge yourself with higher intensity levels for increased trouble.
Try different things with different weapon perspectives and fabricates.
Distinction Between the Great and Terrible Endings

Hades offers different endings in light of your decisions and progress. The “upside” ending typically gives a more sure goal to the story, while the “terrible” ending leaves certain parts of the story unsettled or with less great results. The true ending, as the name recommends, gives a more profound and more complete conclusion to the game’s overarching story.

Tips for Getting All of the Achievements in Hades

To obtain all achievements in Hades, think about the following tips:

Try different things with Various Weapons: Attempt all the weapons and their perspectives. Each has a novel playstyle, and a few achievements are attached to explicit weapons or viewpoints.

Customize Your Constructs: Utilize the Reflection of Night to open and redesign capacities that supplement your playstyle and objectives for each run.

Complete Predictions: Satisfy predictions from the Destined Rundown of Minor Predictions. These targets guide your advancement and award you with Titan Blood, Ambrosia, and that’s just the beginning.

Participate in Story Interactions: Continually draw in with characters and give Nectar and Ambrosia to fabricate connections. Numerous achievements are attached to these interactions.

Challenge Yourself: Increase the intensity level for more prominent challenges and rewards. A few achievements require completing runs with explicit intensity conditions.

Utilize God’s Shelters: Analysis with various divine beings’ helps and combine them for strong impacts. A few achievements connect with explicit combinations.

Ace the Game: Hades is expertise based, so practice, learn adversary designs, and foster systems to prevail in tough experiences.

How to Get the True Ending in Hades


Obtaining the true ending in Hades is a rewarding encounter that involves exploring the game’s rich story, building associations with characters, and mastering the mechanics. After achieving the true ending, you can continue your excursion, investigate new account ways, and endeavor to open all of the game’s achievements. Hades offers a captivating and challenging ongoing interaction experience that keeps players connected long after uncovering its true insider facts.