How to Complete Resurrect the Rex Quest in Dead Island 2

How to Complete Resurrect the Rex Quest in Dead Island 2 – Full Guide

Dead Island 2 is an activity stuffed zombie endurance game set in a dystopian world. Finishing quests is a significant part of the game, as it permits players to advance through the storyline, procure rewards, and gain important experience. “Resurrect the Rex” is one of the quests in Dead Island 2, and in this aide, we will clarify what this quest involves and how for complete it effectively.

How to Complete Resurrect the Rex Quest in Dead Island 2

What is Resurrect the Rex Quest?

Resurrect the Rex” is a quest in Dead Island 2 that includes finding and resurrecting a dinosaur-like animal known as Rex. This quest acquaints players with an extraordinary part of the game, as Rex can be an impressive partner in your fight against the undead and other dangers in the dystopian world.

How to Complete Resurrect the Rex Quest

To complete the “Resurrect the Rex” quest in Dead Island 2, follow these means:

Enact the Quest: Start by actuating the quest, which should be possible by communicating with the quest provider or through in-game prompts. The quest provider will give you the essential data and goals.

Find Rex’s Remaining parts: The initial step is to find the remaining parts of Rex. These remaining parts are regularly situated in a particular region or set apart on your guide. Go to the assigned area to track down Rex’s body.

Gather Materials: To resurrect Rex, you will require explicit materials or parts. These materials can change from one quest to another, so check your quest log or the data given by the quest provider to recognize what you really want.

Make the Resurrection Gadget: Utilize any creating stations accessible in the game to create the resurrection gadget. Guarantee that you have every one of the expected materials to complete this step.

Resurrect Rex: Whenever you have made the resurrection gadget, use it on Rex’s remaining parts to resurrect the animal. This activity regularly sets off a realistic or in-game occasion.

Follow Rex: In the wake of resurrecting Rex, follow the animal as it wanders the region. Rex can be a significant resource, assisting you with combatting foes and giving security.

Complete Extra Goals: The quest might include extra targets connected with Rex or the storyline. Follow the quest markers and complete these targets to advance further.

Get back to the Quest Provider: Whenever you have completed the “Resurrect the Rex” quest and any related assignments, return to the quest provider to complete the quest. This might include a discussion or cooperation that propels the story.

Guarantee Prizes: Subsequent to finishing the quest, guarantee any prizes, experience focuses, or in-game cash that you have procured. These prizes can be significant for working on your personality and gear.

How to Complete Resurrect the Rex Quest in Dead Island 2


Finishing the “Resurrect the Rex” quest in Dead Island 2 is a thrilling experience that acquaints players with an extraordinary interactivity component. By following the quest targets, making the resurrection gadget, and resurrecting Rex, you advance the storyline as well as gain a strong partner in your battle against the undead. Partake in the dynamic and activity pressed universe of Dead Island 2 as you set out on quests and face the difficulties of the dystopian scene.