How to Get Cranberry Relish in Fallout 76

Get Cranberry Relish in Fallout 76: In Fallout 76, there are a few unique food varieties that you might plan and get all over Appalachia. Cranberry relish is one of these food varieties.

Despite the fact that this cooking without a doubt doesn’t appear to be the most captivating, it enjoys a few benefits from which your personality might benefit. In any case, tragically, cranberry fallout 76 finding and getting this Cranberry Relish might require some investment.

How to Get Cranberry Relish in Fallout 76

Tragically, you don’t simply begin the game knowing how to make this food thing. You should acquire the recipe for Cranberry Relish first. Finding this recipe in any holder all through the game is conceivable. On the off chance that you believe a more ensured way should get the recipe, Flatwoods Monster you can take a stab at getting it from any of the accompanying merchants:

  • Antoine in Whitespring Resort
  • Molly in The Crater
  • The Scavenger Trader at whatever point they show up in your camp

The vendors are generally not ensured to have the thing in their stock and you might have to stand by a couple of days or server bounce to find them selling it. When you have the recipe, you will require the accompanying things to create Cranberry Relish:

  • 2 Boiled Water
  • 2 Cranberries
  • 2 Gourds
  • 2 Sugar
  • 1 Wood

As may be obvious, Sole Survivor weapon the relish has a respectable asset prerequisite. Luckily, you can develop every one of the vital things in your camp in the event that you are a sufficient rancher.

Where do I find cranberries in Fallout 76?

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