How to Find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76

Flatwoods beasts are outsiders depicted Find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76 as a drifting animal with gleaming purple eyes, fit for kidnapping wastelanders. The meandering narrator shares insights regarding the animal, cautioning that its “simple presence can twist the psyche of everything except the most iron-willed.”

In pre-War West Virginia, close to the town of Flatwoods, many professed to see a dim, puzzling figure with gleaming eyes. Colton Pickins claims he was taken onto its spaceship and exposed to trial and error, yet his record was excused by police. After the conflict, flatwoods monster metazoo records of wastelanders are being taken, just having the option to review a blinding light a while later.

How to Find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76

The Flatwoods Monster isn’t only one being. Various Flatwoods Monsters can really show up on the guide at one time just like the Mothmen. Running into the Flatwoods Monster is totally irregular, Get a Gauss Minigun yet there are a couple of where one of these outsiders has a more prominent possibility showing itself. In spite of what you could accept, the Flatwoods Monster is recognizably missing from Flatwoods and normally shows up in different areas. Really look at the accompanying regions for an opportunity to track down one of these beasts:

  • Northwest of Sunnytop Ski Lanes
  • In the forest close to the Top of the World
  • Southeast of Spruce Knob

The Flatwoods Monster likes to bring forth in additional lush regions where it is more diligently to detect. Make a point to really look at the areas Make a Water Well above around evening time for the most obvious opportunity to track down the beast. There are two variations of this beast. The non-unfriendly variation will in all probability take off whenever drew closer and not allow you an opportunity to get close to it. The threatening variation of the Flatwoods Monster will draw in you in battle assuming you get excessively near it or take shots at it. This animal will magically transport around the area to go after you from various points. In the event that there are close by animals, the Flatwoods Monster can assume command over them and utilize the animals to protect itself. The beast will likewise recover wellbeing when close to death.

In Fallout 76, is there a method for holding the Flatwoods Monster back from disappearing?

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What are a portion of the new animals presented in Fallout 76?

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