How to Get and Use Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

At the point when you address Leena on the dock in Arni Village, Use Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will let you know that she will meet you on Opassa Beach after you satisfy a mission for her: find three Komodo Scales at Lizard Rock.

Enter the World Map and head somewhat south. Reptile Rock is settled between Arni Village and Opassa Beach, chrono cross walkthrough with a North and South entry point. Head into the north one.

How to Get and Use Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

  • One of the primary principle journeys you’ll be entrusted with in Chrono Cross is finding Komodo Scales for your cherished, lifelong companion, Leena. She’ll let you know where to go, and that she really wants them for her accessory, sending you off to your first real prison – Lizard Rock, situated toward the southwest of Arni Village. Finding them is somewhat interesting however, so this is the way to get and involve Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.
  • When you show up in Lizard Rock, you’ll periodically see these little hued reptiles that escape from the start of you. There are three of them absolute to find, and they require a tad of puzzle settling to get:

First Komodo Dragon

The first can be found on the primary screen, close to the center of the guide. The Komodo Dragon will escape inside a passage to the contrary side, and attempting to pursue it through the passage will prompt it despawning, expecting you to reset the guide by leaving and returning. To forestall this, push the monster shell from the left to cover the opening the Dragon uses to get away, as displayed in the screen capture above. Then, Goblin Pickaxe fold over and move toward the Dragon from the right, that way it attempts to escape through the opening you impeded. Rout it in fight and you’ll get the first of three Scales.

Second Komodo Dragon

Travel south from the primary Dragon and advance toward the area in the screen capture. You will probably frighten off the Dragon, and that is fine for the present. Head up the green plant tail and rout the two Beach Bum experiences – you will wind up on the edge sitting above the area you were in, and the Dragon will have respawned. You should time your leap to land straightforwardly on the Dragon and draw in it in fight. Assuming you miss, you will frighten the Dragon off, yet you can just head back up to the edge and attempt once more. Rout it in battle and you’ll have your subsequent Scale.

Third Komodo Dragon

Head back up to the primary screen and afterward head left. You will see the Dragon standing around, and when you approach it from the north, it will take off from you gradually. There is no riddle or stunt to getting this Dragon, essentially pursue it and embrace the corners to make up for lost time. Be cautioned, this last Dragon will be a manager fight against the Mother Komodo. When you rout this last gathering, you’ll have gathered every one of the three Scales and can make up for lost time to Leena around the ocean by traveling southwest and leaving into the World Map.

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