For Most NFT Holders Project Twelve Makes NFT History Breaking Record

In the midst of flooding prevalence of Web3 gaming stage Project Twelve, Genesis Soul-Bound NFT airdrop gets north of 500,000 cases in less than multi week, catapulting Project Twelve to record breaking status as Web3 pioneer with the biggest number of NFT holders and airdrop claims.

NEW YORK, July 5, 2022/PRNewswire/ – – As a trailblazer of Web3 gaming, Project Twelve’s (P12) as of late uncovered Genesis Soul-Bound NFT airdrop was met with overpowering energy from the gaming local area. In the main week since its send off on June 27th, north of 500,000 NFTs were guaranteed and this number keeps on rising dramatically. The airdrop occasion pulled in game engineers and players all over the planet from regions including the US, Greater China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, and others. Almost 70% of members joined through references, areas of strength for reflecting development.

The airdrop’s more prominent than-anticipated fame is a demonstration of P12’s solid memorability and the allure of its creative vision to the gaming local area. It likewise settled P12 as the stage with the biggest number of connected possible clients in the Web3 gaming stage space. The expansion in connected clients throughout the airdrop has jumped P12 in front of its rivals and solidified it as the pioneer inside the space.

P12 is building a progressive gaming biological system with a manageable economy where players from Web2 and Web3 can exist together with common trust. Its Genesis Soul-Bound NFT gives recognition to Steam engineers and gamers by interfacing players’ off-chain game resources with on-chain information, making ready for a significant forward leap for the privatization of virtual gaming resources later on. P12 as of late shut a $8 million subsidizing round, which it will use to fabricate an open and associated crypto-local stage and biological system.

Investigate Project Twelve and its central goal further at and draw in with the local area on Twitter, Discord, and their blog.

About Project Twelve

Project Twelve ( is a Web3 gaming stage and game maker biological system with a manageable economy. It includes the Editor, a totally unlocked Metaverse content motor for building game universes; the Infra, a bunch of API/SDK and engineer entryways for connecting game substance on-chain; and the Econs, a bunch of monetary and legislative guidelines and systems carried out in EVM savvy contracts.

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