All Maps Available in the Overwatch 2 beta

All Maps Available in the Overwatch 2 beta has at long last been sent off for the players to appreciate. Taking into account the game is still in its beginning phases, the guide pool is somewhat little, and players should hold on until the open beta opens up.

Presently, twelve guides are accessible in the PvP shut beta, beginning with Lijiang Tower, Oasis, Dorado, King’s Row, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The presence of the guides is arbitrary. These guides are separated into various game modes that incorporate Push, Control, Escort, overwatch 2 price and Hybrid.

All Maps Available in the Overwatch 2 beta

All of the underneath guides can be gotten to either in the Overwatch 2 beta’s Unranked Quick Play modes or Custom Games. While returning guides will generally feel something similar, some have been refreshed with another season of day and finished up graphically. However, Move Overwatch by and large, they ought to play the very same. There are likewise a couple of new guides remembered for the blend.


  • Busan
  • Ilios
  • Lijiang Tower
  • Nepal
  • Desert spring


  • Circuit Royal (new Monaco area)
  • Dorado
  • Junkertown
  • Highway 66
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Cross breed

  • Eichenwalde
  • Hollywood
  • Ruler’s Row
  • Midtown (New York area)
  • Paraiso (new Rio De Janeiro area)


  • Colosseo (new Rome area)
  • New Queen Street (new Toronto area)

You might see a couple of missing guides that have been in Overwatch before. Attack maps like Hanamura, Scoreboard System work Paris, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries won’t be highlighted in Overwatch 2 since that was to a great extent the most disliked mode in the principal game, so the designers supplanted it with Push. Try not to hope to see those remembered for any future beta testing for Overwatch 2, in spite of the fact that we wouldn’t be amazed to see them return in the Arcade eventually.

How would you play Overwatch?

What I mean by this is utilize her at chokepoints to stop the adversary group and be the figurative and exacting anchor of your group. Simply see her unit. She has a deployable safeguard, can drop CC(crowd control, for example, a rein charge and earthshatter) while taking less harm, and furthermore can pull foes to a point.

Her weapon has a pace of shoot similar to stronghold and can bargain headshots, prompting fast end of foes when they are all in a gather, for instance at chokepoints. Her definitive assists your entire group with managing more harm, which assists a ton with killing the other group. She can possibly totally change the meta, and I think she certainly will.

How would I get Overwatch 2 beta PS5?

  • That it sucks so gravely, no one will give Activision Blizzard a penny for it. Not even their most indiscriminately faithful fans who might take no notice on the off chance that Bobby Kotick shot up their nearby primary school.
  • Excepting that, I would trust upon a star that it very well may be distributed by an organization that didn’t attempt to conceal their harmful, misanthropic work culture as they’re being sued for it by the State of California.[1]
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