How To Find Ganondorf In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find Ganondorf In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom – Full Guide

This guide is about How To Find Ganondorf In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom. Ganondorf is a recurring villain in the Legend of Zelda series. He is a Gerudo magician who looks to vanquish Hyrule and obtain the Triforce, a hallowed artifact that awards its holder any wish.

How To Find Ganondorf In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Where to find the Ganondorf in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Ganondorf can be found in the profundities beneath Hyrule, which can be gotten to by means of the monstrous gap under Hyrule Palace. To contact him, you should:

Go to Hyrule Palace.
Find the Serutabomac Shrine.
Utilize the shrine to magically transport to the gorge.
Follow the way until you arrive at Ganondorf’s chamber.

How to defeat the Ganondorf in Zelda

Ganondorf is a strong rival, so you should be ready to battle him. Here are a few ways to defeat Ganondorf:

Bring major areas of strength for an of characters. Ganondorf is an undeniable level person, so you should bring a party areas of strength for of in request to defeat him.

Utilize the climate for your potential benefit. The fight field is loaded with hindrances that you can use for your potential benefit. For instance, you can utilize the support points to hinder Ganondorf’s assaults.

Center around his flimsy parts. Ganondorf has a couple of flimsy parts, like his head and his chest. Center your assaults around these areas to bargain the most harm.

Use mixtures and parchments. Feel free to utilize mixtures and looks to mend yourself and your party individuals. Ganondorf can bargain a ton of harm, so you should utilize each of the assets at your disposal to defeat him.

How To Find Ganondorf In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom


Ganondorf is an impressive rival, however he is not difficult to defeat. By following the tips above, you ought to have the option to defeat him and save Hyrule.

Here are a few extra ways to defeat Ganondorf:

In the event that you are having inconvenience defeating Ganondorf, you can attempt to surprise him and get a surprise assault. This will give you a huge benefit in the battle.

In the event that you are not certain about your capacity to defeat Ganondorf, you can attempt to stay away from him altogether. You can do this by sneaking past him or by finding another method for getting through the abyss.