How To Change Emblem In Armored Core 6

Find Out How To Change Emblem In Armored Core 6

“Armored Core 6” permits players to customize their mechs with emblems, giving them a special visual character on the war zone. Emblems are images or plans that can be shown on your mech. This guide will walk you through the most common way of changing your emblem in “Armored Core 6.”

How To Change Emblem In Armored Core 6

What You Need:

To change your emblem in “Armored Core 6,” you will need the following:

A playable duplicate of “Armored Core 6.”
A saved game with a mech that you need to customize.

The Steps:

Access the Main Menu: Send off the game and access the main menu. From here, you can get to different game modes and customization choices.

Select “Customization”: Explore to the customization area in the main menu. This is where you can alter your mech’s appearance, parts, and other highlights.

Pick “Emblem”: Within the customization menu, search for the choice to change your emblem. It could be marked as “Emblem,” “Emblem Customization,” or something comparative.

Peruse Emblems: When you’re in the emblem customization segment, you’ll probably have the choice to peruse an assortment of emblems. These emblems could include images, plans, logos, and the sky is the limit from there.

Select an Emblem: Look at the accessible emblems and pick the one you need to apply to your mech. This emblem will be shown on your mech during fights and in other in-game circumstances.

Affirm and Save: Subsequent to selecting the emblem you like, affirm your decision and save the changes. The game will probably incite you to affirm the change prior to applying the new emblem to your mech.

Exit and Apply: When the emblem is applied, leave the emblem customization menu. Your picked emblem will currently be shown on your mech at whatever point you’re in-game.

How To Change Emblem In Armored Core 6


Changing your emblem in “Armored Core 6” is a clear cycle that permits you to customize your mech’s appearance and make it stand apart on the front line. By accessing the customization menu, selecting the emblem you like, and saving your changes, you can without much of a stretch change the emblem on your mech and make a remarkable visual character for your machine of obliteration.