How to Get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV – Ultimate Guide

This guide is about How to Get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV. A thing you need to make a special effort to find in Final Fantasy XIV is going to be Exciting Tonic. A material doesn’t have any need for you to do crafting, yet it very well may be proposed to a specific NPC on the off chance that you’re looking to gain another mount, adding it to your growing assortment. However, how you approach finding the Exciting Tonic can be troublesome. This is what you want to be aware of how to get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV.

One of the curious new items included Fix 6.3 of FFXIV is the Exciting Tonic, which is described as “an exciting pink fluid that collectors will try and trade goods for just another container.” Outside of being novel in appearance contrasted with other reagents and potions, the Exciting Tonic’s main purpose is to purchase one of the new Mounts included the latest fix, Pinky the pink elephant.

Elephant lovers or those who revere circus-style esthetics will without a doubt cherish the Pinky Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Nevertheless, acquiring the Exciting Tonic expected for the Mount’s acquisition takes a lot of work.

How to get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

Find Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

On the off chance that you’re trying to find Exciting Tonic and trade it for an exclusive mount, Pinky, the elephant, you should find Old Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps. These are exclusive maps you can find on the off chance that you’re a Disciple of the Land profession: the Botanist, Fishing, or Mining activities.

There’s an opportunity you can find Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps, however you should be at a specific area. You need to advance over to the Elpis district. On the other hand, you can purchase them from the market board on your server, yet the cost will change.

Best way to acquire Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV: The best way to acquire: Final Fantasy XIV players should seek out Exciting Tonic. It can’t be used for crafting, yet you can offer it to a special NPC to acquire another mount. Finding an exciting tonic is troublesome. This is the way to get the Exciting Tonic in FinalFantasy XIV.

These activities might uncover Treasure Maps: You should find Old Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps if you have any desire to find Exciting Tonic and exchange it for a remarkable mount, Pinky the elephant. You can find these maps on the off chance that you have a Disciple of the Land profession, such as Botanist, Fishing, or Mining.

You could possibly find Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps, however you need to go to a certain spot. Then You need to get to the area called Elpis. You can also get them from your server’s market board, however the prices will shift.

How to get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

What is your experience with FF14?

I started in A Domain Reawakened when during the substance dry spell toward the finish of the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World if Warcraft. I’ve played each expansion since alongside WoW up until WoW’s Shadowlands expansion. Then I abandoned WoW and I just play FF14.

In ARR, I mained dark mage however I also evened out and designed white mage for farming tomes. That healer que. In Heavensward, I mained ninja and did precisely the same thing with white mage alongside dim knight for the tank que. I also evened out the other jobs.

In Stormblood, I mained dark mage and at last switched to samurai. Did likewise with white mage however started tanking with paladin. In Shadowbringers, I mained artist and did likewise with white mage and paladin. As of now, I also evened out and equipped out the other jobs.

Presently in Endwalker, I’m maining artist again while working on paladin and white mage as I did with the other expansions. I’m also leveling harvester right now. I like to even out and equip every one of the jobs. I’ve play every one of them and I haven’t found one I could do without however some also always changing. Priest changes essentially every fix and they did some huge changes on summoner for Endwalker so I need to give that a shot.

What’s the best way to play Final Fantasy 14?

I started playing Final Fantasy 14 preceding the A Domain Reawakened patch up. I was living in Japan, was truly struggling with making friends, and realize that it was always easier for me to associate with individuals online than, in actuality. So I tried FFXIV out.

The game around then was awful. I would try and hesitate to call it a game… it seemed like a truly burdensome discussion board with 3D models and dungeons and spells. In any case, that was precisely what I was looking for at that point — just a social association.

I joined a Japanese server and sent a tell to a head of an arbitrary free organization and they acknowledged me. I suddenly had this truly varied assortment of friends who all seemed to use the game as a vessel for relaxing from a stressful office work, truly communicating and having a great time. As strange as it sounds, it was the first time I truly felt a sense of being essential for a close-sew local area while living abroad.

Whenever it was uncovered that I was an outsider (I feel like the decision to be a Highlander was a fractional giveaway… ), I was apprehensive I would be distanced. However, just the opposite, they took each a valuable open door to assist me with the language and culture and our friendship was strengthened because of it.