Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw

Elden Ring brings the challenging Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, deep fantasy world fans have come to love in FromSoftware games with an incredible array of well-thought-out details that improve the player experience immensely in comparison to prior entries. Some aspects of the studio’s games have left players with rage-fueled discontent, but Elden Ring, while remaining true to its roots, smooths out the rough edges with new and refined mechanics.

Elden Ring PvP Fight Finishes In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw

An Elden Ring PvP fight, which seemingly had a definitive victor, ends hilariously as an uninvited opponent ruins the day for both invader and host.

Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw

An Elden Ring PvP battle ended in a spectacular and unfortunate draw, with the final blow to both combatants dealt by an uninvited third party. Elden Ring PvP has suffered plenty of hardships since launch, but finally seems to be finding its stride, drawing many players back to the Lands Between before what seems to be inevitable DLC.

The Mountaintops of the Giants is home to many breathtaking views, one of the most notable being the stone walkway that players must cross to reach the heart of the region and Castle Sol. When crossing this seemingly natural bridge, players have any expectation of a trap confirmed when arrows start barreling towards them. It is not unlikely that these arrows force the player off the bridge, or inflict significant damage before the Tarnished can cross and quell the Golem threat.

It seems that the host of an invasion taking place nearby, however, had not yet dealt with that enemy, resulting in one of the funniest conclusions of an Elden Ring PvP fight yet seen.

Coded Sword skill

In a video uploaded to Reddit, the fight is evidently nearing its conclusion, with depleted health and flasks between the two of them. The host retreats after using the seldom seen Coded Sword skill, attempting to cast Glintstone Icerag as the invader pursues. After evading one jump attack Get the Shotel, but being hit by the second, defeat seems all but inevitable for the host, who runs with but a sliver of health remaining.

But they had an unwitting foe who, with the intent of killing the host Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, inadvertently defeated both Tarnished with the release of a gargantuan arrow. A hilariously timed camera pan concludes the video, as the fallen warriors engage in a perfectly synchronized death animation, revealing a Golem innocently standing not too far away.


Elden Ring PvP has being receiving much love as of late by developer FromSoftware, with two consecutive updates dedicated to fleshing out accessibility for multiplayer elements, and radically restructuring how combat is handled. It began with Elden Ring’s 1.06 update in August, which allowed summon signs to be established across large distances, making cooperative play significantly more seamless. This was afforded to PvP too Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, meaning that invasions could take place over distant areas, aiding the player-base that has understandably dwindled since launch.

Update 1.07 released in the middle of this month, and it went even further, separating PvE and PvP scaling so that balance could now be implemented independently. Along with this arrived a list of improvements to virtually all sorceries, incantations Banished Knight Oleg spirit summon, and skills which dwarfed anything before it. FromSoftware had to recently release a patch addressing the Endure Ash of War, which was nullifying everything but the most punishing attacks.

Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw

Rolling VS Jumping

Fans of Dark Souls 3 are familiar with the Farron Keep area, riddled with swamps and poison-spewing cretins ready to ruin your day. While it was encouraged to quickly roll through the swamps, Elden Ring players will know that rolling won’t fly in areas like the Lake of Rot. In fact, rolling through the Lake of Rot is not the fastest way to traverse it, but rather is the fastest way to build up Scarlet Rot and perish to HP drain.

Running and jumping through the Rot should allow you to traverse this moat without suffering as much from Rot. Logically, this makes sense that the less you touch the Scarlet Rot Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, the better off you will be, and despite how difficult this area is to navigate, the methodology for crossing the Lake is satisfying.

Choosing Your Invasion

Longtime fans of FromSoftware previously memorized their favorite PvP hotspots in each game, but Elden Ring makes PvP easier than ever with a means of checking hotspots on the map. On top of this, you can even select to invade a player regardless of their location on the map, making it easier than ever to torment your fellow Tarnished.

PvP has always been a mercurial feature as it was typically reserved for specific players keeping themselves at specific levels and hanging around certain locations just to get a whiff of some action. Elden Ring’s PvP system makes the option much more approachable as finding and engaging in PvP has never been simpler, but the competitive spirit is just as high.

Dialogue And Lore

The best parts of any FromSoftware game are the boss fights — challenging, unforgiving, and packed with uncertainty. Elden Ring’s boss fights offer a pleasant surprise in the breadth of information and lore your enemies share while you fight them. In a strange way Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, dying to a boss presents a moment to hear what they think of you or of being challenged.

The Beast Clergyman and Maliketh have some of the best lore insights, especially when you are defeated or finally claim victory: “Why covet Destined Death? To Kill What?” is one line that echoes and calls into question the reasoning behind our blood-soaked journey to become Elden Lord. Such questions give us brief moments to consider our actions and enjoy the sprinkle of story that each intense standoff brings to the forefront.


As a game with over 150 bosses to fight, it’s no surprise that Elden Ring offers some incredibly tough challenges, like everyone’s favorite Valkyrie: Malenia. Despite the borderline impossible base difficulty for some Demigod fights, each major adversary comes with exploitable weaknesses to make their encounter more feasible.

While using Blood Loss against Malenia is far from an instant victory Elden Ring PvP Fight Ends In A Brilliant and Brutal Draw, identifying and exploiting a boss’ weakness is a huge quality of life enhancement for those who struggle with certain encounters. Summoning your Spirit Ashes also allows the opportunity to inflict status reliably without waiting for the perfect counter-attacking moment in order to make progress on a hefty HP bar.


Popularised by Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel and David Fincher’s 1999 movie bringing the idea to the mainstream, a fight club is an underground gathering of people, where you can knock the living snot out of each other for fun. Even though Elden Ring isn’t known for its PvP capabilities yet, its online element has allowed the seedy underbelly of fight clubs to grace this rotten realm.

According to Games Radar, the Elden Ring Fight Club is alive and well. The site explains how players will gather in one place, with the victor taking the spoils in a winner-stays-on scenario. Remembering that Elden Ring doesn’t have voice chat, you have to gesture to get your point across, and in classic Souls-like style, there are a strict set of rules.