Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms

Move aside Mario and Sonic Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms, because Glover is back! Yes, during the latest QUByte Connect 2022 broadcast, it was revealed the Nintendo 64 3D platformer would be making its way to the Switch “soon”.

This title was originally released on the N64 in 1999 and earlier this year got a Limited Run re-release on the same platform and PC release. It’s now finally been locked in for a standalone release on Nintendo Switch.

Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms

Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms

QUByte Interactive reveals that the recent port of Glover will be coming to modern consoles during its QUByte Connect 2022 presentation.

QUByte Interactive has officially revealed that the cult classic platformer Glover will soon be receiving a re-release on modern consoles. While the platformer was a modest success following its original release on Nintendo 64 in 1998, the game has since gained a cult following among fans. Earlier this year, Piko Interactive shocked fans when the developer announced the classic glove-and-ball platformer would be making a new appearance on Steam. Now, Piko is teaming up with QUByte Interactive to bring the platformer’s PC port to multiple consoles.

QUByte officially revealed the upcoming Glover port on Wednesday as a part of its QUByte Connect 2022 presentation, giving news and updates about the studio’s future titles. QUByte Interactive confirmed the Glover port will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Nintendo Switch with no confirmed release date for the port.

The new version of Glover will come as part of QUByte Interactive’s “QUByte Classics” line, joining several previous ports of lesser-known older games. Piko Interactive has also stated its intention to work on the previously unreleased Glover 2 sequel alongside the ports.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Glover joins a resurgence of classic games from the late 1990s as many iconic franchises from the N64 and PS1 era have seen revivals in recent years. The launch of Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has seen classic Nintendo games like Pokemon Puzzle League and Pokemon Stadium from the N64 era brought to modern consoles for the first time Clear the Cache. Other series like Tactics Ogre and Fatal Fury have also been confirmed to receive new games coming in the near future.

Glover’s jump to modern consoles was part of a QUByte Connect livestream that saw several other classic games revealed from the developer. QUByte Interactive confirmed Breakers Collection as a revival compilation of the lesser-known arcade fighting game Breakers and its sequel Breakers Revenge. QUByte revealed several classic franchises being brought to modern consoles during the 30-minute presentation Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms. QUByte Interactive will bring a fan-favorite platformer back to life when Glover launches on modern consoles.

Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms

Key Features

30 levels to explore across six unique worlds.
Innovative duo of Glover and ball.
Clever themed puzzles that require the use of both glove and ball.
Inspiring power-ups! Change the form of the glove and the property of the ball.
Over 30 bizarre and funny characters, like nothing you have seen before.
Finally the wait is almost over. The Nintendo 64 era cult classic clover is coming soon! This version of Glover is a completely redone from the original source code (Nintendo 64 version of the game), and improved for modern PCs.

Cult Classic 3D Platformer

Released on the Nintendo 64 and the original PlayStation in the late nineties, the game sees you playing as the magical four-fingered glove, aptly named Glover Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms, on his quest to find the lost crystals of the Crystal Kingdom.

Across six worlds and thirty levels, players have to manoeuvre a rubber ball to the end of the stage, avoiding platforming hazards and taking on boss stages in the process. The game has yet to be re-released since it hit PS1 in 1999, so it’s good to see it making a return.

Beloved Nintendo 64 Game

Glover was remastered and released on PC by Piko earlier this year, and the developer will be handling the game’s console release, as well. Glover’s original release on N64 received mostly strong reviews back in the day, and a lot of Nintendo fans are sure to be happy about the game’s return. This release will actually mark the second time that the game has been made available on PlayStation platforms, as it was ported to PS1 just over a year after making its N64 debut. However Lost Nintendo Switch, the PS1 version of the game received harsh reviews from critics, who were less than impressed with the port. Hopefully this version will be much more enjoyable!

For those unfamiliar with Glover, the game is a 3D platformer that puts players in the role of the titular character. As Glover, players must explore six different worlds to find magic crystals that will restore light and happiness to the Crystal Kingdom. While the game might not hold-up quite as well as N64 classics like Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie, the game maintains a passionate following Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms, and the re-release should give new audiences a chance to see what it has to offer. Hopefully Qubyte Interactive won’t keep fans waiting too much longer for information on the game’s release date!

The N64 Era’s

A revitalised port of the game will be coming to modern platforms in the near future. An updated port of Glover found its way to PC only last year, so it makes sense that it would quickly make the hop to other platforms as well. The announcement came during a showcase earlier today from publisher QUByte Interactive.

The game, which released in 1998, was developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro and follows an anthropomorphised four-fingered glove on a quest to save the Crystal Kingdom. On a platform where the 3D platformer landscape was crowded with legendary titles Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms, Glover held its own. It was a cute, clever little puzzle platformer that knew what it was and what it wanted to be. Aimed at younger players, its design was more about a fluid and fun sense of play.

The game’s main objective was to maneuver a ball around the level toward a goal. Glover can interact with the ball in any number of ways — rolling, bouncing, throwing, slapping Classic Platformer Glover is Arriving to Modern Platforms, even dribbling — to move it inexorably toward the level goal. There are even different balls you have to deal with throughout the game — like rubber balls and bowling balls — all with different weights and characteristics.