Dr. Gurgula's hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life

How to Discover Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life

High on Life is a game shrouded in mysteries, loaded up with exciting secrets and fascinating quests. Finding Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life is one of the most exhilarating experiences in the game, especially when you’ve finished the main storyline and are looking for more experience. Hold tight, as this quest won’t also open the Secret-Trap Accomplishment, however you can also access the secret ending that masterfully sets up the following sequel. Stick with this aide till the finish to find the top-secret hideout of Dr. Gurgula.

Finding Full Hour For Douglas in High on Life is one of the game’s most exciting mysteries. Accessing it will give the player an accomplishment, introduce them to a critical villain behind-the-scenes, and set up a sequel across the board stroke. High on Life is loaded up with interesting side paths and secrets, however unlocking this secret ending is a splendid, must-see Easter-Egg for any fan or accomplishment tracker. This is the way to find the secrets within Dr Gurgula’s hideout.

Dr. Gurgula appears during the surprisingly twisted ending of High on Life. However, similar to the rest of the game, his appearance is loaded up with compelling experiences. Besides, the excursion to find his hideout is a fascinating experience with mysteries and novel incidents. Getting access to Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life accomplishment, introduce another antagonist, and set the stage for a sequel.


Dr. Gurgula is a tall yet thin outsider scientist with many arms in the game. While he stays obscure for most of the game, his revelation during the secret ending of High in Life surprises players. He is notorious for his dreadful experiments on humans. However, he justifies it by calling it a struggle to find the universe’s secrets.

During your interaction with him, he’ll also confess that he modified the extinction of Gatlians. Some events lead to the secret ending of High on Life, and players would have to consider them seriously to encounter it. These events also set the stage for you to meet Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life. Allow us to explain these events first:

NIPULON’S Abundance

Nipulon’s abundance is an essential mission in High on Life, which tasks you to kill Garmantous. Fighting Garmantous would be hard, as he is the most dangerous boss of the G3 cartel. Considering these facts, players must devise an able strategy before finally facing the demonic boss in a battle in four phases.

This abundance is significant because finishing it allows you access to Abundance 5k. Abundance 5K takes you closer to meeting Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. Fundamentally, it will empower you to access Clugg’s office.


Clugg is the magistrate of Blim City in High on Life. Players can contact him by navigating through the portals lab using the Abundance 5k and selecting Nova Sanctus from the accessible portals. Interestingly, you won’t find the magistrate in his office. To be honest, you won’t be there to meet the magistrate.

Dr. Gurgula's hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life

You should simply to steal the Human Haven Keycard from the table beside you. In the wake of doing so, use the Abundance 5k to get back to the portals lab. Use the lab again and travel to Human Haven in the obscure sector of the game.


While on your abundance mission to manage Douglas, the head of Torture and Training in G3, you can also find a hint corresponding to Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout in the Human Haven in High on Life. You should use the Abundance 5k and magically transport to Port Earthly. Find Douglas’ whereabouts in the Dreg Town area of Port Earthly.

Once you are finished killing Douglas, continue on inside his room. Inside his room, you will hear Garmantous speaking through a PC. Search for a fan. Around that fan, you will actually want to find a poster. The poster is the first hint. Therefore, please get it and take it with you.

Most players miss this hint unintentionally. Please don’t commit this error; make sure to get it at whatever point you complete Douglas Abundance.


You can find the second hint during the Skendrel Bros Abundance in High on Life. Skendrel Bros deal with the laboratories which produce living drugs for the G3 cartel. Open the portals lab and make a beeline for the Breeze Paradise. You should put forth some attempts to arrive at Skrendel’s office.

Once you are done with the Boss battle, search for the work station around the workplace. Once you get your hands on the terminal, you will find the second hint. Get it to draw another step nearer to Dr. Gurgula in High on Life.