Find Out How To Complete Dark Water Mission In Modern Warfare 2

Dark Water Mission In Modern Warfare 2 highlights a plenty of enticing story missions and goals to complete for the mission. The Dark Water is the twelfth mission of COD MW2 that spins around disarming one of the missiles that can be utilized by Hassan. For this mission, you play as Cleanser and this mission happens around the untamed ocean. Not to stress, look at our aide on how to complete the Dark Water mission in Modern Warfare 2.

You’ll begin Dark Water by rappelling up to the lower deck of the oil rig. Move advances to one side and open the entryway ahead. As you climb to the entryway past, it will rapidly swing open. Shoot the gatekeeper and his partner hiding behind the way to the right.

As you complete all of the Mission Story Missions, you will get the awards for every mission. There are 17 in total, set in various areas across the globe, and with a great deal of things to do. A few players may be wondering how to complete the twelfth mission, which is called Dark Water.

Find Out How To Complete Dark Water Mission In Modern Warfare 2

Complete Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water Mission

As referenced before, the Dark Water mission involves disarming one of the missiles in MW2. However, clearly, there are a few targets you really want to complete before that. Best X13 Auto Loadout In Modern Warfare 2 Thus, here are the goals you want to complete in the Dark water mission:

  • Clear the bottom Deck of the Oil Rig
  • Clear the top Deck of the Oil Rig
  • Investigate the Missile Container
  • Rappel onto the Boat
  • Join powers with Shadow-3 on the ship
  • Prepare for battle of the ship
  • Break the ship structure
  • Clear the interior construction
  • Disarm the missile

In this way, how about we start the walkthrough for certain tips and procedures to remember for the Dark Water mission in Modern Warfare 2.

Clearing the Oil Rig

After starting this mission, go to the way to the right. In any case, beware of the incoming foe that will go after as you open the subsequent entryway.

  • Likewise with each mission, you will experience a few AQ foes. In this way, be very quick to fire prior to getting any hits.
  • With the subsequent group going left, follow Alejandro and the gathering up the steps.
  • You will move to the Main Deck of the Oil Rig as you open and pass through an entryway.
  • Continue to get out every one of the foes with your group until you run over a tremendous blue container.
  • You can likewise remain on containers for a vision to kill the AQ foes. In any case, for that, you should be quick to go after them.
  • On the other hand, you can likewise seek shelter behind the containers to get out adversaries.
  • Whenever you have cleared out every one of the foes, go through the stage and climb the steps. In conclusion, investigate the enormous blue-shaded container.
  • You will find that the container box is unfilled and has no controls for the missile as you interact. The controls are on the ship across some distance from the Oil Rig. In this way, rappel down the rope to get on the boat. This boat will take you to the ship that has the missile controls.

Get Onboard the Ship

You will arrive at the Main ship as you hit the incline from your boat. You will likewise meet the second gathering with Graves and Apparition on the ship.

Disarming or Detonating the Missile

Presently, for the final demonstration, you want to detonate the bomb before it arrives at its final target. For that, you want to stir things up around town and Mode buttons simultaneously. Then, Graves will ask you the keep going digit on Line Two, Section One. The solution to that is letter C. Finally, hit the Execute button to complete the work and Dark Water mission in Modern Warfare 2. In the event that you are having inconvenience completing this goal, look at our aide on how to disarm the explosive in Dark Water for more insight.

Find Out How To Complete Dark Water Mission In Modern Warfare 2

What is the hardest mission in Modern Warfare 2?

In and out is genuinely the most unthinkable one of all time. The juggernauts kill me and the foes conceal wherever around the wrecked planes. Look Enemies Better In COD Modern Warfare 2 High Hazardous wasn’t really hard, it took me some time yet I wound up finishing it with my companion.

Shepherd double-crossed them since he needed Makarov for himself. In CoD4 he lost 30,000 to the nuke and that killed his opportunities to turn into a legend. So he figured he could vindicate himself by taking the ACS Module, taking credit for it, and afterward getting Makarov himself.

You really want to physically detonate the missile before it arrives at its target. That’s what to do, open the folder case and initiate the indicative mode by pressing the CLR and Mode keys all the while. Then, give Graves the keep going digit on line two, section one, which is the letter C. Finally, hit the EXE key to finish the work.

How many perfect dark missions are there?

The mission is separated into nine missions comprised of 1 to 3 levels each. There are additionally four extra missions known as Unique Tasks that are opened once the player has completed the separate challenges of the mission.

Modern Warfare 2 Fans Will be Disappointed With Graves’ Demise. In Modern Warfare 2, the story follows the counter-terrorist unit Team 141, drove by Captain Cost and comprised of the crew of Phantom, Cleanser, and Gaz.

“No Russian” was controlled in Germany and eliminated outright in the Russian rendition of the game. Not even the game’s own advancement group could settle on “No Russian”: Infinity Ward studio workmanship director Joel Emslie said that the studio’s laborers were profoundly isolated over the mission.

The game elements a mission mode where the player should complete a progression of levels to advance through the story, as well as a scope of multiplayer choices, including a co-employable mode and customary deathmatch settings with PC controlled bots.