How to Unlock Legends in Apex | Complete Guide

Apex Legends is a special interpretation of the fight royale classification and elements characters with various capacities to look over. A pristine Legend with an exceptional arrangement of abilities is introduced into the game at the dispatch of each new season. Here is an aide on how you can unlock Legends in Apex Legends.

You can choose from a rundown of six unique Legends without purchasing them. In any case, in request to play with different Legends, you should unlock them first. There are two unique ways of unlocking every Legend in the game

Legend Tokens: another Legend can be unlocked at the expense of 12,000 Legend Tokens. The game will compensate you with 600 Legend Tokens each time you level up. This implies that you will get enough tokens to guarantee another how long does it take to unlock a legend apex after each 20 levels you progress.

Unlock Legends in Apex Complete Guide

Apex Coins: This is by a long shot the quickest method for unlocking a Legend in Apex Legends. Every Legend costs an amount of 750 Apex Coins that you can buy from the in-game store.

Albeit the second technique for unlocking a Legend is the fastest way, it costs you cash. Yet, for individuals who would rather not go through any money, grinding the game for some time is the main choice.

However, there is a compelling system to step up and progress through the levels to get the Unlock Legends in apex as quick as could be expected. Here’s how you can boost the XP you get in each round of Battle Royale.

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How To Unlock Legends in apex

You can unlock legends under your Legends tab and the ones you don’t have will be turned gray out. At the point when you click on these legends, or essentially look over them, you will be inquired as to whether you need to unlock a legend. You simply need to pick which of the legends you need to add to your lineup and afterward pay the necessary measure of money so you can utilize them in Ranked.

There are two sorts of cash that can be utilized to pay the charge and they include:

  • Legend Tokens (12,000)
  • Apex Coins (750)

Every one of the legends are reasonable game and can be unlocked by one or the other technique, yet just one of them is free. You can actually take a look at how Unlock Legends in apex quite a bit of each sort of cash you have by scrolling over the Crafting Metals and Apex Coins images in the top right of your screen.

What Are Legend Tokens?

Legend Tokens are the free strategy for unlocking new legends, and they can be procured basically by playing the game with your best weapon loadout. They are procured after you arrive at Level 4, as each time you level up will presently allow you 600 Legend Tokens.

You really want to procure XP in request to step up, and you can do this a couple of ways:

  1. Killing Opponents
  2. High Placement
  3. Playing with Friends
  4. Finishing the Battle Pass
  5. Completing Challenges

You can burn through 12,000 Unlock Legends in apex on another legend, or you can utilize them on other in-game things. They can provide you with another arrangement of day by day challenges in case you don’t care for the ones you were given, or you can purchase recolored unbelievable skins in the store.

What Are Apex Coins?

Apex Coins are most handily gained by just purchasing the packs in the store, even on the Nintendo Switch. However, they can likewise be acquired through the Battle Pass also assuming that you have settled on the choice to buy it.

The Apex Coin Packs are estimated as follows:

  1. 1,000 Apex Coins – $9.99
  2. 2,150 Apex Coins – $19.99
  3. 4,350 Apex Coins – $39.99
  4. 6,700 Apex Coins – $59.99
  5. 11,500 Apex Coins – $99.99

The extraordinary thing about the Unlock Legends in Apex Coins is that you can not just burn through 750 to unlock another legend however they can be spent on a huge number of things. You can utilize them to add amazing skins, charms, occasion skins, weapon skins, and apex packs to your inventory.



There are a couple of ways of unlocking characters in Apex Legends, and one is far more straightforward than others. As is customary with Battle Royale titles (particularly the allowed to-play ones), you can utilize genuine cash to get legends when you like. It’ll cost 750 Apex Coins to unlock a legend, which can be purchased from the Apex Store for genuine cash, or unlocked in the Battle Pass. You can purchase 1,000 Apex Coins from the store for £7.99, and you can improve bargains for the coins depending on the size of the pack you purchase. Simple!

One more method for unlocking new characters is with Unlock Legends in apex Tokens, a solely in-game money that can be put towards new legends, skins and rerolling every day challenges. You’ll unlock these in increments of 600 points each time you level up, and you’ll require a whopping 12,000 of them to unlock the legend you need. It’s an additional tedious method of unlocking characters, however one that is at last more rewarding in the since quite a while ago run.