Alongside the unstable idea of cryptographic forms of money, the crypto market is as of now confronting a precarious drop in costs that has additionally been impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war. In any case, individual costs are progressively recuperating at a sluggish speed. Examination Insight has recorded the main 10 current cryptographic money costs as of March 4, 2022.

  1. Bitcoin-US$41,779 (somewhere near 4.73%)
  2. Ethereum-US$2610.32 (somewhere near 6.14%)
  3. Binance Coin-US$395.38 (somewhere near 2.10%)
  4. Tie US$1.00 (somewhere near 0.03%)
  5. Solana-US$91.81 (somewhere near 7.17%)
  6. Cardano-US$0.8721 (somewhere near 5.25%)
  7. XRP-US$0.7541 (somewhere near 2.06%)
  8. Torrential slide US$73.49 (somewhere near 5.85%)
  9. USD coin-US$0.9999(down by 0.01%)
  10. Land LUNA-US$95.75 (up by 0.33%)

As indicated by CoinMarketCap, the all out crypto market volume throughout the most recent 24 hours is US$85,078,981,387 encountering a profound fall of 4.00%.

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