Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

In this article we will talk about Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair Review. Thermaltake has fabricated a long standing among PC manufacturers, particularly with its cases. The organization is additionally taking a stab at PC-related furniture nowadays, and the Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather is its second most expensive gaming chair as of composing (beat simply by Thermaltake’s CyberChair E500 White Edition).

Without a doubt, the utilization of real leather, a champion among the ocean of PVC and PU faux leather choices overwhelming the market today, adds to the chair’s $580 MSRP. Yet, it takes more than real leather to make one of the best gaming chairs.

The X Fit Real Leather is said to help gamers weighing as much as 265 pounds, between 5 feet 5 and 6 feet 3 inches tall, and accompanies fine enumerating suggestive of the seats in a luxury vehicle. Yet, the X Fit’s extravagant exterior is the place where the excitement closes.

Notwithstanding an excessive cost tag, the chair does little to separate itself from the opposition, including less expensive gaming chairs. Furthermore, I wish the hard froth would adjust to my body better.

Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

Design of Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair

You can get the X Fit Real Leather in either dull or burgundy red leather, and each has assorted sewing plans. The dull structure I attempted has more gems on the shoulder area, while the burgundy red one covers the mid and lower back district with the example. Note that, for less money, there’s the ordinary X Fit chair, which has a $350 MSRP, faux leather and less point by point sewing. Regardless, stock for that model is apparently limited as of creating.

Since I love vehicles, the X Fit Real Leather’s look excites me. With its more slim arrangement, pleather and tailor-quality sewing, evidently Thermaltake was impelled by current games vehicles. The valuable stone sewed example and matte dim leather of my review unit assists me with recalling an Audi R8. The sewing is exceptionally close and clean all through the chair, and I didn’t see one free string.

Thermaltake logos live on the headrest, just as the fanny pack-molded lumbar cushion and neck pad. I am happy to the point that Thermaltake has continued on to their present logo, as opposed to the more seasoned Dragon Ball-looking logo. The Thermaltake logo really looks decent with the jewel sewed example.

In spite of utilizing real leather, the X Fit didn’t get warm throughout significant stretches of time, and that says a great deal since I sweat without any problem. The upholstery looks pretty tough and demonstrated simple to clean, as well. I spilled about a teaspoon of Crystal Light frosted tea on the chair, and the wreck came straight up with a wet paper towel. As a sanity check, I went over it with a piece of Armor All leather vehicle wipes.

In any case, as pleasant as the leather looks on this chair, the quality is just starting to expose what’s underneath as far as how luxurious leather can feel. The leather utilized is by all accounts pleather, which explains the matte completion and not exactly smooth texture. It looks pleasant to the eyes, yet it’s not the best quality leather and doesn’t think about, for example, to decent leather furniture you’d find in a luxury lounge room.

The armrests are not shrouded in leather by any means. All things considered, they have an elastic completion that feels a bit coarse and awkward. Then again, the X Fit Real Leather’s removable froth neck and lumbar cushions use leather, as well. Both have a similar degree of value and very much created sewing as the actual chair. Both are likewise removable, and you can slide the lumbar pad here and there the backrest to fit your body.

Like most gaming chairs that we test – even ones a lot less expensive than our review center – the X Fit finishes the bundle with a gas cylinder and aluminum base that feels exceptionally strong. The chair proceeded true to form during my roll test, where I slid from my work area to my photography arrangement 5 feet away. The chair floated effectively yet not really wildly that I felt like I expected to secure myself.

Specifications of Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather

Upholstery Leather
Total Height (with base) 45-54 inches
Seat Height 18.7-22.6 inches
Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 20.8 inches
Seating Area Width (Total) 22 inches
Seating Area Width (Point of Contact) 18.1 inches
Seating Area Depth 22 inches
Armrest Width 3.9 inches
Armrest Height 25.5-32.6 inches
Recommended Maximum Weight 265 pounds
Warranty 2 years

Pros & Cons

  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Highly adjustable armrests
  • Good price for real leather
  • Hard, narrow seat
  • Lacks unique features
  • Expensive for what you get


From the get go, collecting the X Fit appeared to be adequately basic, on account of Thermaltake’s definite guidelines. The printed guidelines in the box incorporate an accommodating exploded perspective on the chair, just as clear headings in great English. In any case, when it came to connecting the backrest to the seat, the perspiring and swearing began.

With my review unit, I attempted to get the openings on the backrest to arrange. This is a typical battle in the gaming chair gathering measure and a disappointing one at that. Exacerbating my troubles, when I at last got the backrest on, the plastic cover that goes over the backrest wouldn’t remain on. It just would not fit properly, yet I really favored the chair with the plastic off in light of the fact that it helped me to remember a gutted-out track vehicle.

I’m extremely appreciative that Thermaltake incorporated an Allen wrench that was large enough for me to really hold, dissimilar to different household items that accompany a little key. Other than persistence, that was the lone instrument I required.

Comfort and Adjustments

Recall that scene from The Incredibles when Mr. Amazing is sitting at an office work area and simply looks extremely awkward? That is the means by which I felt when utilizing the X Fit Real Leather. The chair’s froth is excessively hard and thick, while the armrests need adequate cushioning and the seat is tight. This all caused it difficult to relax and to feel like I had a place in the chair.

A few hours of playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition while sitting in the X Fit Real Leather, my tailbone was upset. I wasn’t in desolation, however there was a stressing feeling there. I likewise observed the lumbar pad to be vital for my back not to hurt.

The X FIt Real Leather has a 22mm steel skeleton shrouded in 75kg high-thickness froth on the backrest and 55kg on the seat base. As indicated by Thermaltake’s item page, the froth is intended to not lose its shape, which for this situation is really a disgrace since I wish it formed to my body better.

At 6 foot 1 and around 200 pounds, I’m toward the higher finish of the suggested tallness and weight territory, yet I never felt like I was excessively tall for the chair. I did, notwithstanding, wish for more leeway.

Albeit the backrest was large enough for me, the seat was annoyingly restricted. Guards on the seat make for a tight, secure fit, which would bode well in case I were hustling around in the chair, yet I’m simply sitting at my work area.

Estimating 18 crawls across and 22 creeps from the rear of the knees to the backrest, I felt like I was sitting in a storage. For examination, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022’s ordinary measured chair (5′ 7″ – 6′ 2″ and as much as 220 pounds) is around 22 crawls across and 19.3 inches down. With Thermaltake’s X Fit, I was scarcely ready to sit in my odd (yet liked) position with my left foot up on the seat.

I asked my Mom, who’s 5 feet 3 inches and around 109 pounds, and sibling (5′ 9″ and around 130 pounds) to attempt the X Fit. The previous likewise discovered the chair excessively restricted, while the last observed the more tight fit to be open to, recommending the X Fit’s seat might be more fitting for a few, particularly the people who like to feel exceptionally cozy and additionally with thin casings.

My main thing about the chair are its armrests, which are entirely customizable. It’s entirely expected for gaming chair armrests to go all over, yet the X Fit’s armrests likewise move slantingly in and out, toward and away from your sides and toward and away from the work area.

I cherished moving them bowed internal on the grounds that it altogether further developed my ergonomics when composing. At the point when I composed this way and on my Keyboardio Atreus, a split mechanical console, I felt like I was helping my body out.

In any case, after not exactly 60 minutes, I started to see how little cushioning there is on the armrests. Further, it appears Thermaltake cut a few corners while developing the armrests in light of the fact that despite the fact that they are truly flexibility, they have a good measure of wobble.

The chair constrained me to sit with legitimate stance better than some other gaming chair I’ve attempted previously, even without the lumbar cushion, which is to some degree useful for my long haul back wellbeing.

The X Fit can lean back from 90 degrees back to 160 degrees, yet it wasn’t happy completely leaned back, because of the restricted backrest. It felt tough in any position, however. Notwithstanding, in light of the fact that the chair is so thin and hard, I didn’t feel relaxed, in any event, when reclining in the chair.

The X Fit has a customizable slant point of 3-14 degrees, and shifting was the solitary thing that I found to make the X Fit agreeable. This is on the grounds that shifting it permitted me to press more weight into the chair lastly get the thick froth to pad my body a little.

Stature changes are constrained by a class-4 gas cylinder, which comes extremely oily out of the box and is then joined to the strong base. A devoted switch raises the chair up to 9 inches, so the chair’s complete tallness can be 45-54 inches, very much like the Mavix M5.

The two chairs can draw nearer to the ground than the Titan Evo (51.2-54 inches tall), which could prove to be useful on the off chance that you have a little or short work area – or on the other hand in case you’re simply not exceptionally tall yourself.

As referenced, the lumbar pad took care of its work in improving back solace contrasted with without it, however it’s not much. It’s of medium thickness, however I would have jumped at the chance to see something really exciting, particularly at this value point. You can also read about Thermaltake W1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review from here.

For example, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 has an underlying lumbar emotionally supportive network that allows you to change solidness and area. You can, however, additionally change the area of the lumbar cushion by utilizing its lashes and dropping it up or down.


The Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather has loads of potential. Its upholstery has delightful sewing and decides on real leather when so many gaming chairs go for the phony stuff. However, that is essential for what makes the chair so expensive. We’ve discovered the chair on special for $500 as opposed to its $580 MSRP, however you could in any case get an excellent gaming chair with an alternate kind of upholstery for less.

For example, the Secretlab Omega is as yet accessible with faux leather for $360 or texture upholstery for $379, and it has significantly more luxurious pads than our review center and is steady without being firm. The more up to date form of that chair, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, can be had with faux leather for $450 or texture for $470 and has a more roomy seat.

In the event that you demand real leather, the X Fit Real Leather’s upholstery appears to be tough yet at the same dislike extremely premium leather. Despite the fact that you do get real leather with Thermaltake’s chair, it’s unmistakably less expensive leather. All things considered, this is as yet a decent cost for a leather gaming chair.

Secretlab’s Omega and Titan Evo chairs start at $750 and $900, separately, for a real leather finish. Yet, there are significantly less expensive, non-gaming alternatives, similar to the La-Z-Boy Delano I use. Its leather is smoother and shinier, and the chair is substantially more agreeable.

What’s more, the X Fit Real Leather is a hard, cozy chair that I found hard to settle in. With no novel components added in contrasted with the opposition, I can’t consider the X Fit Real leather a real fit.