How to complete the Pigeon sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush

How to Complete the Pigeon Sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush – Full Guide

Pigeon sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush will be spent running through levels and beating up on the Vanderlay robots that hinder you. That being said, you can run over an innocent robot that could utilize your assistance once in a while. This happens from the get-go in the game, where a SCR-UB robot will say he needs help with getting freed of the pigeon who are making his cleaning area messy. This is the way to help him.

The majority of players’ time in Hi-Fi Rush will be spent platforming their way across levels and beating down on robots extraordinary and little. However, occasionally the game likes to toss a side a little of a break and for entertainment. Normally these side journeys can be difficult to deal with, as they all require the player to search out things that are very much hidden. For this situation, the pigeon side journey given by a SC-RUB bot can be a pain because of how hard it tends to be for certain players to detect the pigeons.

How to complete the Pigeon sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush

How to scatter the pigeon in Hi-Fi Rush

At the point when you find the robot looking to dispose of the pigeons making his area grimy in Hi-Fi Rush, you should simply point Peppermint at three areas where a gathering of the rodents with wings have gathered and take shots at them. Don’t stress; they don’t kick the bucket. They simply fly away.

  • The first gathering should be visible as you approach the robot on the cartons close to you.
  • The second gathering is straight out over the factory area you just rolled in from on top of a yellow shaft.
  • The final gathering is straightforwardly behind the robot on top of the green pipe.

Where are the pigeon in Hi-Fi Rush?

Pigeons on the case

Assuming you have previously met the SC-Focus on bot question who will converse with you and request that you manage the pigeons, you should bring Peppermint out to take shots at them. The first rush of pigeons is a complete freebee, as they are sitting on a close by heap of containers at eye level with Chai. Just turn towards them, summon Peppermint, and impact at them to make them fly away.

Pigeons on the large pipe

The second rush of pigeons is nearby, yet on the off chance that you don’t know where to look they can be difficult to recognize. On the off chance that you are looking at the cases the first rush was on, essentially turning around will place the pigeons in your line of sight. All you really want to do from that point is draw sufficiently near to permit Peppermint to focus and you’ll have scared away the second run.

How to complete the Pigeon sidequest in Hi-Fi Rush

Pigeons on the pillar

The remainder of the groups is by a long shot the toughest to recognize. Whereas the first two rushes were genuinely near the stage and simple to recognize once one knew where to look, the last run is essentially a bit from the stage and is resting on a shaft high hanging out there. However, by consulting the above picture, finding the pigeons is a lot simpler. Bring out Peppermint one last time and fire away at the troublesome birds.