How To Switch To Secondary Weapons In Everspace 2

Best Method To Switch To Secondary Weapons In Everspace 2

Everspace 2 offers players the capacity to equip and use both essential and secondary weapons to improve their battle abilities. This guide will walk you through the most common way of switching to and using your secondary weapons in the game.

How To Switch To Secondary Weapons In Everspace 2

How to Find Your Secondary Weapons:

Securing: Secondary weapons can be obtained through different means, like purchasing them from vendors, finding them as plunder, or earning them through completing missions and accomplishments.

Equipment Menu: To get to your secondary weapons, open the equipment menu. This should regularly be possible by navigating to the inventory or equipment part of the game’s menu.

How to Equip Your Secondary Weapons:

Open the Equipment Menu: Explore to the equipment menu as referenced previously.

Select Secondary Weapons: Within the equipment menu, search for the part committed to secondary weapons. This is where you can see and choose your accessible secondary weapon choices.

Pick a Secondary Weapon: Peruse your gathered secondary weapons and pick the one you need to equip. Select it to equip it to your boat.

How to Use Your Secondary Weapons:

During Battle: While participated in battle, you can change between your essential and secondary weapons to adjust to various circumstances.

Controls: The controls for switching among essential and secondary weapons might differ in light of your foundation. Actually take a look at the game’s control settings to distinguish the particular button or key used to toggle between weapons.

Viable Use: Secondary weapons frequently have exceptional capacities or traits that can be profitable in unambiguous situations. Try different things with various secondary weapons to determine their assets and shortcomings.

How To Switch To Secondary Weapons In Everspace 2


Mastering the use of secondary weapons in Everspace 2 can enormously improve your battle adequacy and flexibility. By finding, equipping, and utilizing secondary weapons, you’ll have the option to adjust to different battle circumstances and draw in foes with a different scope of strategies. Try to try different things with various secondary weapons to find the combinations that best suit your playstyle and give the most proficient method for tackling difficulties in the huge universe of Everspace 2.