How to Beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors – Ultimate Guide

Sketamari in Vampire Survivors has been around for some time and appears to have received quite positive reviews from the gaming committee. The roguelike shoot them up game was created and published by Luca Galante, otherwise called poncle.

In the game, the player controls an automatically attacking person while fighting against continuous floods of beasts, with the objective being to survive the surge as far as might be feasible and open additional characters, weapons, and relics for resulting sessions.

In spite of the game’s name and key craftsmanship, none of the variety of beasts experienced are vampires. As it appears, the title is a bit complex and players might require guides on certain issues. Almost certainly, defeating Sketamari is one of them. This guide will show you how to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors.

Sketamari, otherwise called the big ball of bones, has given players much grief in Vampire Survivors. It is a special rival that shows up in the Bone Zone. Sketamari doesn’t show up as an occasion or in a wave yet moves from left to right in the southern piece of the guide. In this guide, we will explain to you how to defeat it.

How to beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

Defeat Sketamari (Bone Ball) in Vampire Survivors

As this adversary is situated in the Bone Zone, you should first open it. Dairy Plant In Vampire Survivors To do as such, you need to open Hyper Mode in any three phases. Once opened, you can begin the chase after this big ball of bones. Unlike many beasts, it doesn’t show up as a piece of a wave, and you’ll need to find it. To find Sketamari, begin heading south of the stage’s middle. It constantly moves this way and that in the southern region of the stage.

The most awful part about this foe is its ability to combine with different beasts. As time passes by, this ball of bones gets bigger and more grounded. So the most effective way to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors is by using a Speed and AOE build. Arrive at the Bone Ball as quick as could be expected and gather EXP Pearls on the way. You can utilize these tips to beat it:

  • Pick characters with high Development Speed detail like the Red Demise, Minnah, Gains Boros, and Porta.
  • Red Demise is an ideal choice for two reasons. His development speed will assist you with reaching Sketamari quicker. Besides, his starting weapon “Passing Spiral” will ward beasts off. This will stop the Bone Ball from getting bigger.
  • You can likewise utilize Leda. Albeit this is a sluggish person, it has a high assault power. So that will assist you with killing Sketamari early.
  • Coming to the passive abilities, get the ones that increase Base Harm like Spinach. Get Vacant Tome too to diminish the Cooldown period. If you’re not using Red Demise, get King Bible, Melody of Mana, or Garlic to fend the bone beasts off.

How to beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

Where can I find Sketamari?

Sketamari is a special foe that shows up in The Bone Zone. Unlike most enemies, it doesn’t generate as a component of a wave or guide occasion yet instead can be tracked down normally due south of The Bone Zone’s middle, traveling this way and that horizontally. Defeating Sketamari interestingly drops Forbidden Looks of Morbane.

Killing The Collector the first time opens the mystery character Veil of the Red Demise as a playable person. Cappella Magna In Vampire Survivors If The Collector was defeated with either Infinite Corridor or Crimson Cover, it will drop 5 Brilliant Eggs and White Hand will produce and end the run.

He can be killed however requires unmistakable arrangements. Tree still works, it is brief invulnerability. Clock lancet still freezes him. And the big mystery is get to minute 30 at extremely low level so he just has 130k hp.

Is there an end in Vampire Survivors?

Whenever you’ve caused sufficient harm, the manager will detonate and a dark collector will come in and kill you, ending your run. You might have gotten a game over, however congratulations, you’ve finally beaten Vampire Survivors!

Silent Old Sanctuary (XX) is one of the Arcanas in Vampire Survivors. It is opened by reaching minute 31 in Dairy Plant. After obtaining this Arcana, the player is given 3 Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes each.

The insider facts menu is opened in the wake of obtaining the Forbidden Looks of Morbane. It shows hints to unlocking secret characters, and gives the ability to project spells. An alternative method for unlocking the mysterious menu is by clicking on the second last relic icon (the Yellow Sign) in the collection seven times.