Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator

How to Get Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator

The brilliant goat prize will be granted to you multiple times. You are a shopping truck. You will get 20 brilliant goat prizes. The Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator is a mutator that transforms the goat into a shopping truck.

Out of the multitude of things a player might wish to live as in a simulator game, a goat might be falling short on the rundown. That was until Goat Simulator headbutted its direction into the gaming scene in 2014 and showed the world what a little goat with a devilish demeanor was able to do. Presently, Goat Simulator 3 offers considerably more peculiar experiences and a few better approaches to torment residents.

It would be putting it mildly to say that Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator doesn’t view itself pretentiously. Indeed, even the title of the game makes fun of Espresso Stain Studios’ own cost, referencing the eight-year break between the first and second titles, which currently jumps directly to the third. The break hasn’t hosed the lunacy of the series, however, with much more goat-powered bedlam everywhere.

There are nine distinct Goat Simulator 3 Cost other than Pilgor. Some can be bought for Karma points in the Closet menu straight away. Others should be opened first by completing explicit tasks, which we will cover in this aide. You can obtain the final remaining one by finishing the main story journey.

All Goats in Goat Simulator 3 and how to open them


To open Steve goat, you want to finish the Salvage Steve journey. Make a beeline for the Yakedo Natural aquifers, and begin licking fish there. You want to find the one with the ID Steve. When you find it, drag it out of the water to finish the journey.


To get this open, finish the journey called the Offspring of the Roughage, situated in Kyp Streak. Set out toward the slope close to the ranch fields to find a conciliatory circle. You ought to know when you’re close on the grounds that the screen will obscure marginally. When you actuate the journey, go to the field beneath. The point is to lick three scarecrows and drag them onto the circle. Once finished, you will open the Scarecrow skin.

Irate Goat

Go to San Angora Zoo to get a journey Missing: Rosie. You should find a confined rhino called Rosie, lick it and bring it back to the zoo. You can find the enclosure on the slope over the zoo. There are a few poachers around the enclosure, so dispatch them first. When you complete the undertaking, you will open with the Furious Goat skin.

Capra Erectus

Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator

This skin’s area can be a piece precarious to find. Go to Shopping Goat in Goat Simulator island. You should find a cavern entrance impeded by a stone on the cliffside. Place yourself straightforwardly before it and baa at it. A shiny radiance will show up above and lift the rock. Continue into the cavern. Move toward the Whiz lying on the sleeping cushion encompassed by fish to open the Capra Erectus goat skin.


To get this skin, complete the mission How It’s Made. Go to the Fairmeadows Farm factory compound. You are looking to get into the main building. There are three doors, two underground stepping stools on the West side of the building, and through the long transport line on the rooftop. When inside, you should put the transport line in the factory together by licking isolated pieces of it. You will find a few transports inside the building while some will lay outside. Lick those external the building to drag them in. When you complete this, the machine will begin to work. People will enter the three chambers toward the finish of the transport line and exit as bananas. Enter one of the chambers to open the Abominana skin.

The Rancher

To obtain the Rancher skin, you should finish the final mission. To get the last mission, you want to finish all the goat towers. After you rout the final chief, the new Rancher skin will open up.

Available skins

You can buy the other skins with karma points in the Closet menu.

  • Delectable goat – buy for 20,000 karma
  • Tall goat – buy for 30,000 karma
  • Tony Shark – buy for 30,000 karma

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