The Corsair One i300 is the most recent rendition of the conservative top of the line gaming PC. It’s been refreshed to utilize Intel’s top-end Alder Lake Core i9 12900K and accompanies the sort of great spec list that nearly figures out its unimaginably steep sticker price of $4,999 (making it the most costly Corsair One to date.) Not just do you get a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti inside that splendid suspension, however there’s 64GB of DDR5-4800 and an expedient 2TB NVMe SSD in there as well. That is a ton of state of the art equipment for what must be portrayed as a helluva part of cash.

This is a significant update for a top of the line framework like the Corsair One since when you’re dropping this sort of money on a PC, you want to realize that you’re getting the best equipment around. The Intel Core i9 12900K unquestionably falls into the camp. That Corsair has coupled it with the RTX 3080 Ti affirms this as a gaming rig as well, as the more-costly RTX 3090 just truly appears to be legit for those seeing proficient delivering and jobs.

Try not to excuse the memory or capacity in this apparatus all things considered. DDR5 is as of now unimaginably difficult to get tightly to. In 64GB trim like we have here, you know you’re not going to come up ailing in any game on this front is gladly received. Indeed, it’s over the top excess, yet it implies you won’t have to update at any point in the near future.

The NVMe SSD (an OEM Samsung drive identical to the 980 Pro) is an expedient monster also, answerable for the quickest load times I’ve yet found in Final Fantasy XIV, just as for making for an incredible encounter while moving the benchmarking suite on to the machine. The way that it’s a 2TB model gives you a lot of space to mess with as well and means you needn’t bother with a few second-level stockpiling for your information.

One moment action item from the Corsair One i300, and something that hasn’t changed a lot since it initially showed up on the scene, is the suspension. The possibility of this being a delightful PC is regularly joined around with costly forms, however here it’s truly justified. This is a machine that you not just need to have in clear view around your work area, however it won’t occupy a lot of space, or make an excessive amount of commotion assuming you do. Truly, this thing is a lot more modest than you may might suspect, estimating half as profound as most mid-tower frameworks.

This excellence is something beyond shallow as well. The plan permits Corsair needs to utilize only a solitary fan at the highest point of the unit to get air through the framework to keep all that running cool. The processor and designs card both use water cooling circles to pull heat away from them, with the single fan doing all the difficult work. This fan likewise possibly turns up if necessary, so for a lot of ordinary work this machine is successfully quiet. Furthermore when it turns up, it’s not even close as clearly as most work area PCs.

However, this plan isn’t totally without its issues. At the point when you’re managing top of the line unit, temperatures can get hot. Very hot. The Core i9 12900K in this form is an eager for power chip (attracting up to 241W), and it can run hot when focused even in a lot greater frameworks with triple-fan coolers. Here, I saw the CPU temps contact 100°C two or multiple times in testing, bringing about the chip choking back—albeit possibly momentarily in any event, when pushed hard. This is as yet an unbelievably strong CPU as well, so in any event, taking into account this short choking, it’s as yet perhaps the quickest machine I’ve at any point utilized, and best a lot of the benchmark tables.

Significantly, the illustrations card didn’t run anyplace close as hot as the CPU. Significantly under delayed testing in an assortment of games at 4K, it finished out at 75°C, and on normal ran a lot cooler than that. This implies it doesn’t hold that GeForce RTX 3080 Ti back with regards to gaming, which is by and large what you really want to hear while dropping this much money on a machine. It never gets clearly either, in any event, when the fan is running at full pelt—you can hear it, however it isn’t irritating.

With regards to testing there’s surely a great deal to like here, with the absolute quickest benchmark results around. Manufactured benchmarks, like the raytracing exhibit, 3DMark Port Royal, created the most elevated score in the labs up to this point. Something upheld in the RTX version of Metro Exodus, where it left everything except the RTX 3090-controlled Alienware Aurora R12 eating perfectly delivered dust. Missing out to the substantially more costly card feels sensible here.

The significant thing is obviously that this PC can game, and game extraordinarily well. You’ll get the sort of high edge rates that esports screens were worked for at 1080p and at 1440p besides. Up the goal to 4K you’re still in with a decent yell of spilling into 100fps in a lot of games.

This thing is a monster. A calm, murmuring monster that can likewise deal with itself with more genuine pursuits as well.

You can arrange the Corsair One i300 in a few different ways, albeit the Core i9 12900K is the main choice with regards to the CPU. You can go with a RTX 3080 rather than the 3080 Ti, which restricts the form to 32GB of DDR5 too, albeit that shaves a cool $1,000 off the asking cost, so that could seem OK. All things being equal, there’s something splendidly over the top with this 64GB framework that makes it all the seriously enticing.

Not that this is a simple machine to legitimize to yourself, not to mention any other person. Furthermore indeed, you could, in principle at any rate, fabricate a comparative spec’d machine to this for much less, albeit great look really getting your hands on that illustrations card or DDR5 RAM besides. Furthermore critically it wouldn’t look anyplace close as great as this or run as cool and peaceful as this accomplishes for by far most of the time.

In general, the Corsair One i300 capably accomplishes what it decides to do. It’s a minimal gaming PC that features the most recent innovation a stunningly brilliant, and might I venture to say, delightful case. It’s a machine that numerous gamers couldn’t want anything more than to possess, however few can manage. However, for those that can… it’s a treat.

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