How to Restart a Game in PGA Tour 2K23

Today, we will show you how to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23. Few out of every odd round of golf is going to turn out well for you. Golf is a challenging game to master, and that can ring valid in 2K’s simulation golf game, PGA Tour 2K23. In the event that things, however, are going really bad, you may be looking to attempt to start new and restart the round all the way to the beginning. However, is that conceivable in PGA Tour 2K23? It is and isn’t, so we should head over the paths and what you can’t do in 2K23.

How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23

Restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23

To restart a local game in PGA Tour 2K23, go to the ‘Casual’ tab at the Main Menu. This can be found via toggling through LT/RT or L1/R1, depending on the platform. From that point, select ‘Local Match.’ These are the same course one would follow to play a regular, offline round of 18 holes.

After selecting A/X to begin or resume a game How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23, select the ‘New Match’ choice. That will reset whatever headway was made in the earlier game and start a new round.

MyCareer games, then again, are an alternate story. Since MyCareer uses an auto-save feature while playing, you’ll have to go MyCareer and reset the mode in its sum. Except if things are quite critical in MyCareer, or you recently started and want a mulligan Perk in NBA 2K23, it very well may be ideal to simply play the ball as things go and continue on from any mistakes.


PGA Tour 2K23 is a looker across its trumpeted 20 authorized courses and 12 additional fictional frolics, and it isn’t afraid to showcase it with grand sweeping camera angles and zooms. It’s a really cutting edge console-looking experience, with trees and growth clearly revised and features How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23, for example, rippling water underneath a boat on a lake a standout.

Other than the faithfully recreated courses, the Las Vegas Topgolf location is accurately addressed, including the surrounding details. The 10-turn minigame appropriately brings in those different-sized targets and fast-paced action in a way that is goodness so-computer games.

How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23

All Courses

PGA Tour 2K23 will be released alongside 20 officially authorized courses:

  • East Lake Golf Club (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Riviera Nation Club (Pacific Palisades, California)
  • Quail Empty Club (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • Bay Slope Golf Club and Cabin – Arnold Palmer Course (Orlando, Florida)
  • Detroit Golf Club (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Wilmington Nation Club – South Course (Wilmington, Delaware)
  • Atlantic Beach Nation Club (Atlantic Beach, Florida)
  • TPC Twin Urban communities (Blaine, Minnesota)
  • TPC Summerlin (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • TPC Southwind (Shelby Province, Tennessee)
  • TPC Scottsdale (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Courses in PGA Tour 2K23

EA could also be inviting a comparison to PGA Tour 2K23 because the distributer trusts it’s a favorable one. I’ve gone through the past couple of days playing a survey duplicate of the latter game, and while it’s a real pro in the graphics department, this look at EA’s upcoming exertion appears to be notably better than 2K Games’ latest — there’s a degree of lavishness and clean here that immediately caught my eye.

For instance How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23, the clubhouse at Augusta National has a weight that makes it seem to be a legitimate building; the designs on many of the courses in PGA Tour 2K23 seem to be cardboard cutouts by comparison.

Having said that, buildings on greens are ultimately window dressing. In the end, EA Sports PGA Tour will be decided on how it feels to line up shots and swing a club; how many methods of play and courses it offers How to restart a game in PGA Tour 2K23; and how much players can customize their created golf player.