How To Play With Friends In War Thunder

How To Play With Friends In War Thunder – Complete Guide

Play with friends in War Thunder adds an additional layer of energy and coordination to the interactivity experience. This guide will give you an outline of War Thunder, make sense of the advantages of playing with friends, offer direction on how to get started, share important tips for playing together, and finish up with the rewards of agreeable interactivity.

How To Play With Friends In War Thunder

What is War Thunder?

War Thunder is an allowed to-play, cross-platform vehicular battle game created by Gaijin Diversion. It includes a wide exhibit of historically precise military vehicles, including airplane, tanks, and maritime vessels, across different The Second Great War and Cold War periods. The game offers vivid fights and a rich movement framework, permitting players to update and customize their vehicles.

Why Play with Friends?

Playing War Thunder with friends offers various advantages, including:

Collaboration and Coordination: Playing with friends empowers successful correspondence and coordination, upgrading your capacity to plan and outsmart rivals.

Upgraded Interactivity Experience: Imparting the game to friends makes significant minutes, energizing cooperation, and a feeling of fellowship during extraordinary fights.

Further developed Strategies: Playing with a planned group considers progressed strategic moves, for example, flanking, joined arms attacks, and facilitated air support.

Learning and Development: Working together with friends gives a valuable chance to gain from one another, trade information and abilities, and work on together collectively.

How to Get Started:

Follow these moves toward play with friends in War Thunder:

Make or Join a Unit: War Thunder offers groups, which are player-made bunches that work with playing together. Make a unit with your friends or join an existing one.

Add Friends: In the game’s menu, explore to the friends area and add your friends utilizing their War Thunder usernames or welcome them through the game’s social highlights.

Form a Crew: When you have friends added, welcome them to join your crew or acknowledge their solicitations. You can make a crew straightforwardly from the game menu or join an existing crew.

Coordinate Correspondence: Use in-game voice talk, outside voice correspondence platforms (like Discord), or the game’s visit framework to convey and facilitate actually with your friends during fights.

Tips for Playing with Friends:

Consider the accompanying tips to improve your interactivity experience with friends:

Establish Jobs: Allocate jobs within your crew to expand effectiveness and coordination. Assign players as big haulers, pilots, or maritime specialists in view of their inclinations and abilities.

Plan and Impart: Before fights, discuss procedures, goals, and strategies with your friends. Compelling correspondence and coordination are critical to making progress on the front line.

Support One another: Attention on supporting and assisting your friends during fights. Give cover fire, coordinate assaults, and be prepared to answer their solicitations for assistance.

Analyze and Learn: Urge your friends to attempt different vehicle types and countries to broaden your crew’s capacities. Trial and error considers better comprehension of qualities and shortcomings, prompting more compelling collaboration.

How To Play With Friends In War Thunder


Playing War Thunder with friends opens up a universe of helpful interactivity, improved strategies, and paramount minutes. By making or joining a unit, adding friends, forming a crew, and planning correspondence, you can leave on interesting fights together. Establish jobs, plan techniques, and backing each other to accomplish victory. The experience of playing with friends in War Thunder encourages cooperation, learning, and development, making a vivid and pleasant gaming venture for all included.