How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League

Simple Way to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League – Complete Guide

Gridiron Football is a 4v4 game mode in Rocket League where players utilize an American football instead of the standard Rocket League ball. At the point when a player touches the ball, it will adhere to the roof of their vehicle. Players can then convey the ball and attempt to score a touchdown by driving it into the rival’s objective.

How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League

The Rules of Gridiron Football in Rocket League

The fundamental rules of Gridiron Football in Rocket League are as per the following:

The game is played on a standard Rocket League field.

There are two groups of four players each.

The objective of the game is to score a greater number of touchdowns than the other group.

A touchdown is scored by driving the ball into the rival’s objective.

Players can convey the ball by touching it with their vehicle.

Players can pass the ball to their colleagues by jumping and dodging toward the partner they need to pass to.

Players can likewise toss the ball by jumping and dodging while at the same time holding the ball.

In the event that a player is handled while carrying the ball, the ball will be gone over to the other group.

On the off chance that the ball leaves limits, it will be gone over to the other group.

Tips for Playing Gridiron Football

Here are a few tips for playing Gridiron Football in Rocket League:

Work on carrying the ball. The more you practice, the better you will become at controlling the ball and avoiding handles.

Speak with your colleagues. Tell your colleagues where you are and where you maintain that they should be.

Use cooperation. Gridiron Football is a group game, so it means a lot to cooperate with your partners to score touchdowns.

Show restraint. It requires investment to figure out how to play Gridiron Football well. Try not to get deterred in the event that you don’t win each game.

How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League


Gridiron Football is a tomfoolery and challenging game mode in Rocket League. It is an extraordinary method for improving your abilities and have some good times with your companions. So check it out and perceive how you do!

Here are a few extra tips that you might find supportive:

Utilize the lift for your potential benefit. The lift can help you move quicker and hop higher, which can be useful for carrying the ball and making passes.

Go ahead and utilize the walls. The walls can be utilized for your potential benefit for making passes and scoring touchdowns.

Know about your surroundings. It is essential to know about where the other players are and where the ball is. This will assist you with avoiding handles and pursue better choices.

Have some good times! Gridiron Football is a game, so having a good time is significant. Try not to make too much of it and simply partake in the experience.