Nintendo is working on Next Gaming System

Nintendo has teased that it is working to assemble the next coordinated equipment software gaming system however remains unclear on when that system may be released.

Nintendo is working on Next Gaming System

In a presentation to investors, Nintendo said the system could be released in “20XX.”

“Nintendo plans to continue to grow its business around the center concept of making remarkable coordinated equipment software products,” the organization wrote in its presentation, clarifying that the 2017 release of the Nintendo Switch console “acquainted the ability with connection to a Nintendo account and made a foundation for keeping up with relationships with consumers going ahead.”

When pressed for details on the new gaming system during a Q&A session, Nintendo executives stayed calm.

“We are still going through inward discussion on concept, timing, and so forth” they said, as per gaming analyst David Gibson.

Nintendo also recognized that it has been affected by the worldwide chip shortage and said it has diminished its forecast for Nintendo Switch equipment by 1.5 million units to 24 million units. Recently, Nikkei Asia revealed that Nintendo would deliver 20% less Switch consoles than initially arranged because of the shortage.

In its presentation, the organization reported that sales and profits for the first 50% of this fiscal year declined contrasted with the same time frame last fiscal year, which was set up by the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Still, the organization reiterated that the results “stayed at a significant level, in accordance with our expectations.”

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