How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19

Best Method to Find How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19

Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19 with our easy to follow guide! We’ll run you through the bit by bit course of creating Smooth Stone in the game. Smooth Stone is valuable for decoration and is utilized as a crafting ingredient in certain recipes.

Minecraft’s wide assortment of blocks assists players with getting creative while building stone designs, with smooth stone being one of the most popular. Players can utilize this asset to create a few great plans, on the whole, they’ll have to gather enough of it all through the game world.

Fortunately it doesn’t take too lengthy to create. This is the way to make smooth stone in Minecraft and use it to make different things like slabs and Blocks. Smooth stone has been featuring in Minecraft for quite a while, yet it wasn’t always available to players as a building block.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19

How to Craft Smooth Stone

To make smooth stone in Minecraft, you should have access to a furnace, gather fuel in the type of coal or wood, and place the fuel and cobblestone into the furnace. This will give you normal stone, presently all you really want to do is place that stone into the furnace and it will create you the smooth stone you are after!

Craft a Furnace

Priorities straight, we’re going to require a Furnace to create the smooth stone we’re wanting.

Find Coal or Slash Down Certain Trees

Whenever we have our Furnace, we’re going to want to place that on the ground or any place you want it in your base/home. We’ll require some fuel for the Furnace, so either find a few Coal or slash down certain trees and put it in the bottom area of the furnace.

Catch fire Some Cobblestone

Then, at that point, we’re going to require some Cobblestone again. Put that in the top void box of the Furnace and it ought to start to do its magic!

Transform Stone Into Smooth Stone

This will create you regular Stone. Presently, that’s not what we wanted, however we’re in good shape. Craft as a lot of that Stone as you’re going to want for the smooth rendition, and then, at that point, place the Stone you’ve crafted into the Furnace where the Cobblestone was! That will then, at that point, consume again, and this will create you the Smooth Stone you’ve been looking to make!

Additional Ways to Get Smooth Stones in Minecraft

You can gather Smooth Stone two or three other various ways:

Silk Touch

You can get normal Stone by mining Stone with a pickaxe that is enchanted with Silk Touch.


You can find Smooth Stone inside certain houses in the various villages you will find across the map. There is also a chance of it spawning in mason chests in villages.

Making Smooth Stone Slabs

Assuming you’re wondering how to make a few Smooth Stone Slabs with that new material, then it’s extremely easy! Head back to your Crafting Table and then, at that point, line up three Smooth Stone at the bottom of the crates.

When you do that, you’ll get yourself a few Smooth Stone Slabs! For each three Smooth Stone you use, you’ll get six slabs.

Smooth Stone Recipes

There’s basically one recipe that requires Smooth Stone to create and that’s the Blast Furnace. You’ll require five Iron Ingots, a Furnace, and three Smooth Stone. The Blast Furnace is utilized for smelting mineral blocks and purifies two times as fast as a regular Furnace! It’s helpful for making a great deal of ingots rapidly.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.19

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PS4

PS3 Minecraft players can’t access smooth stone, yet PS4 clients can as of adaptation 1.86.

  • Open your furnace smelting menu.
  • Place regular stone inside.
  • Add fuel.
  • Smelt the regular stone to get smooth stone.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on Xbox

Unfortunately, you can’t smelt smooth stone on the Xbox 360 form of the game. Assuming that you own a Xbox One and Minecraft variant 1.9.0, you can smelt regular stone into smooth stone for further developed surface.

Construct a furnace.
Gather and smelt cobblestone into regular stone.
Add more fuel and smelt the stone to get the smooth stone variant with better surface.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PC

PC clients can create smooth stone as well since finding in the open world is difficult.

  • Utilize eight cobblestone blocks in the crafting seat to make a furnace.
  • Place a cobblestone stack and fuel in the furnace.
  • Smelt the cobblestone into stone.
  • Add more fuel into the furnace if necessary
  • Stack your regular stone and resume the smelting system.
  • Take out your smooth stone blocks when ready.