How To Kill A Commander in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ – Complete Guide

Kill A Commander in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ. if you want to advance through the level three missions for the Black Mous faction. There are various supervisor type AI adversaries scattered all through the map in MW2 DMZ, and this particular mission expects you to kill three of them to advance. Thus, to sort out some way to kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ, including their locations and foe types, make sure to carry on reading down beneath.

Warzone 2 DMZ has 3 managers on the off chance that you didn’t know and for this mission, you really want to kill 3 commanders or supervisors. The three supervisors that you really want to kill are The Physicist, Juggernaut, and the one of the Helicopter with the skull symbol.

You can decide to kill all of the three supervisors in a single match or simply pursue the easiest chief and finish the mission in three games. Personally, we propose you pursue the Juggernaut or the helicopter chief. Here is where you can find the commanders in Warzone 2 DMZ and complete the ‘Kill 3 Commanders’ central goal.

While it is a Battle Royale, there are various faction missions that make Modern Warfare 2 DMZ very interesting. One such mission has caught everybody’s eye and many players are wondering how to Kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ. While it is exciting, the mission is very hard to accomplish as you have to kill one of the Commanders in DMZ.

And while you are at it, you will also have to pay special attention to different players with the same intentions. Since you are here, you are also looking to finish the Commanding Intel mission and claim the rewards. While you let it all out, we suggest you actually look at our aide for it.

How To Kill A Commander in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ

Kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ

This is the third level of the Commanding Intel mission and you should finish two past levels. Slingshot Skills in Forza Horizon 4 While you are at it, you will have three choices to kill in request to accomplish the mission. That is, there are three Commanders in the DMZ mode that you can kill in request to finish this mission. Since you want to earn the rewards of the Commanding Intel mission.

Killing the Physicist can be a pain because of countless AIs around him. Killing the Juggernaut then again is very easy, however at the start of each match, all the solid players aim for the weapons case that the Juggernaut carries, which makes killing him a piece troublesome. The third commander is awesome to finish this mission. However, you should bounce into the game threefold.


There are presently three separate Commanders in MW2 DMZ, and they are the Scientist, the Juggernaut, and the Commander Helicopter. The precarious part about finding these supervisors is that they don’t necessarily have a proper location in each raid, so you should do a touch of searching in request to get to them. You will know whether you have killed a Commander when the ‘Supervisor Kills’ medal appears on the screen.

However, they are generally marked on the map, so it will be only a case of making your way over to their location. Make sure to follow our aide for the all relevant information of how to find the Scientific expert in MW2 DMZ for the primary Commander, yet generally, he is located within the radiation zone.

How To Kill A Commander in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ

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