Is footwear same as shoes? What is difference between shoes and boots?

It is impossible to find every place carpeted or soft enough that would not harm our feet. We have to walk through different places that are rough, hard, thorny, rocky, bushy etc. We need to protect our feet from getting damaged by uneven surfaces on ground.


Footwear is a type of covering or clothing that is worn on feet. It covers the sole of feet and protects it from being hurt by some harmful object. They are made up of different types of material depending upon the purpose they are used for e.g. leather, plastic, rubber. Visit

Purpose of footwear:

The main purpose of footwear is to protect the feet from injury but it is also used for

  • Locomotion
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Comfort
  • Therapeutic use (for this purpose medicated footwear are used that are made up of special type of sole).

There are several types of footwear which include

  • Sandals
  • Slippers
  • Boots
  • Joggers
  • Shoes etc.

Difference between boots and shoes:


Shoes are one of the types of footwear. These are in the form of closed footwear that covers both the heel and upper surface of feet as well. They enclose the feet but not the ankle.

Purpose of shoes:

Shoes mostly serve the same function as other footwear but more frequently they are subjected to be used for professional wearing.

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Meetings

Accessories used with shoes:

  • Socks

Usually shoes are not worn alone. They are used with underlying socks. Socks give some additional protection to the feet, also absorb the sweat in summer and give warmth in winter.

  • Laces

Some shoes also contain laces that are the type of soft rope used to tighten the shoes according to the size of the feet. it improves the grip of the shoes on feet. These shoes are mostly used for the purpose of exercise like running etc.

  • Shoe horn
  • Heel grip etc


Boots are also the type of foot wear that cover the feet, but there are some difference in its manufacturing material and design. The purpose of boot is also different from that of shoes. Also visit

Distinct characteristics of boots:

Boots are footwear that are little larger than shoes.  Boots cover the feet including ankles but shoes only cover the feet. Some boots are larger enough that they even cover the half legs.

Purpose of boots:

  • These are meant for protecting the feet from water, heavy industrial material, hazardous chemicals, snow etc while shoes are mostly used as an aid for locomotion and for protecting shoes from minor injurious agent in daily routine.
  • Up to some extent boots can also help in safeguarding the feet from fire.
  • Initially boots were used for the purpose of protection but now they are also available for the purpose of fashion.

Accessories used with boots

  • Spats
  • Boot jack
  • Boot hooks


There are several types of footwear. Shoes and boots are both the example of footwear. Both have their own specific uses. But now they are mostly used for the purpose of fashion and style. Boots cover the feet along with ankles and half leg depending upon its length, while shoes only cover the feet below ankles. Visit