Xenophage Destiny 2

How to Get Xenophage Destiny 2

The Fate 2 Xenophage Extraordinary automatic weapon has shown what itself can do as one of the most adaptable, getting through Exotics around. It packs hard-hitting unstable rounds that basically can’t miss and it has a lot of ammunition, settling on it an incredible decision for a wide range of foes, from strike managers to Champions to Sunset groups. It additionally has one of the most amazing Outlandish journeys in the game, loaded with riddles and novel mechanics. Everybody and their Phantom ought to possess this thing, so this is the way to guarantee the Xenophage Destiny 2 for yourself.

In the event that you’re after something different automatic rifle formed, we can assist you with snatching the Predetermination 2 Thunderlord impetus also. Open the reward perk, Horror Story in Destiny 2 and this weapon somewhat reloads itself at whatever point it causes a lightning strike, which is clearly useful. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re after Fate 2 Guide Parts, we have every one of the subtleties tracking down them, creating guides from there, the sky is the limit

This Fascinating Automatic weapon is an awe-inspiring phenomenon, and the cycle for opening it is suitably difficult. From beginning The Excursion to bringing down Volmar, The Enticed, any individual who needs to open the weapon will have a lot simpler time by tracking with our aide on the most proficient method to open Xenophage.

Xenophage Destiny 2 Extraordinary journey is for the people who have purchased the Shadowkeep extension. Starting this fascinating journey works to some degree uniquely in contrast to most missions, so you might require a few hints on where to look.

How to get Destiny 2 Xenophage Quick Guide

  • Collaborate with the four sculptures in the Persevering through Void close to the Pyramid to begin the journey;
  • Light the six lamp plates in Anchor of Light;
  • Complete the four riddles toward the finish of K1 Lost Areas on the Moon;
  • Track down the secret image inside the Pit of Sin prison;
  • Track down the secret sphere in the Pit of Apostasy prison to open the mystery room;
  • Rout the secret chief, Volmar, the Enticed;
  • Get back to Eris.

How to unlock Xenophage in Destiny 2

Sorrow’s Harbor is the best way to start the Xenophage quest.

In order to get started on the road to Xenophage, travel to The Moon and head to the area where you meet Eris Morn during her memory quest.

The easiest way to do this is by landing at Sorrow’s Harbor and heading north through the Enduring Abyss. For anyone who doesn’t remember, you’re looking for the pyramid area with the four interactable statues.

When you reach the statues you’ll need to make them all light up at the same time. To make that happen, follow this activation order:

Xenophage Destiny 2

  1. Front Right
  2. Back Left
  3. Back Right
  4. Front Left

Once this is done, a chest will spawn and the first part of Xenophage Destiny 2, The Emergence, will be awarded to you.

Stage 1: Development

In the initial step of the Xenophage mission, you need to go to the Anchor of Light.

Starting there, you’ll need to find a sphere of light and use it to illuminate six secret platforms around the zone.

The primary podium to enact is right close to the sphere of light produce, you need to get the circle and go to the platform with it.

You should light the podiums in a particular request, and when you light the first, you will have 60 seconds to come to the following platform.

Stage 2: Pathfinder

In this step of the journey, you should gather parts from each Lost Areas on the moon.

To get every one of the parts you should finish the Lost areas like you normally would, yet when you arrive at the end you will track down a riddle in the wall close to the exit of each Lost Area.

The riddles have a great deal of images and you should shoot them until you make them all match to get the piece.

Stage 3: Plummet (Way Revealed)

For the accompanying piece of the mission, you’ll need to head into the Pit of Blasphemy prison. To gain admittance to the prison you want to converse with Eris and complete the questline for it.

To finish this step you should track down a secret image in the prison.

To find the image do as follows:

  • Complete the primary experience;
  • Continue until you face a mass of entryways;
  • Go to an upper left entryway.

The entryway you want to go to is unique in relation to the others, and you will track down the image inside. You can see the video guide from Fluffy Bearbarian underneath to see the area and how to get to the entryway:

Stage 4: Disclosure

Whenever you have finished the “Way Revealed” step, go on through the prison until you arrive at the subsequent experience.

At the point when you arrive at the subsequent experience, go the whole way to one side along the edge, drop down to the lower way, and Xenophage Destiny 2 a plate on the floor.

Actuate that plate and it will uncover a few stages, in the last stage, it will be a sphere that you should get.

Xenophage Destiny 2

You should accept that circle to the extreme right passage, which has a wall for certain entryways, you will then, at that point, need to put the sphere on the two sides of one of those entryways.


When the supervisor is crushed, you will get a Hive bug, then, at that point, return to Eris on the moon and you will get the Xenophage Outlandish Automatic rifle.

You don’t have to finish the Pit of Blasphemy prison, so assuming you stall out in the subsequent experience, basically you have done everything required for the Xenophage Fascinating journey!