How to Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote

This guide is about How to Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote. In the event that you have a great deal of individual information on your Samsung TV and have customized it in any capacity, choosing to reset it could be the most troublesome choice you need to make. However, if you wind up with no other decision than to restore your Samsung TV to its past condition, it very well might be advantageous to do a U-turn and figure out how to reset your Samsung TV. Therefore, in this post, you will find how to factory reset Samsung TV without remote?.

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote

While it is easy to rest a Samsung TV, you ought to be mindful so as not to take on too much all at once with this progression. To settle a Samsung brilliant TV implies that you wish to restore the shrewd TV to its default settings in the wake of making any customizations or personalizations to the gadget.

This incorporates, however isn’t restricted to, every one of the applications stacked on your Samsung savvy TV, just as any outsider application settings that have been adjusted. For the Samsung shrewd TV to be reset and restored to its factory settings, it should initially be turned on, after which it will get back to its default settings.

If, then again, you will acknowledge the danger of resetting your Samsung keen TV applications with or without the remote control, if it’s not too much trouble, concentrate on this guidance to its decision.

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote?

It is a four-digit PIN that might be utilized to reset and return your Samsung keen TV to its factory or default setup. Samsung TVs are outfitted with a default PIN that might be utilized to reset the TV or to protect and get the TV from unapproved clients, like parental control.

The reset PIN for a Samsung TV is “0000.” All Samsung keen TVs are dependent upon similar limitations. To refresh the PIN on your Samsung TV, however, follow the means illustrated beneath.

  • Open the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu by squeezing the Menu button.
  • Look down and select General starting from the drop menu.
  • Change the PIN by choosing “Framework Manager” and afterward “Change PIN.”
  • Enter your four-digit PIN number. There are two examples in which this is not quite the same as the default.

You will see a triumph message on your TV screen demonstrating that you have effectively refreshed your Samsung TV PIN number.

It is important to utilize your Samsung TV remote to reset the gadget. However, in case you can’t find the remote or then again if the remote isn’t working as expected, here is how to reset your Samsung TV utilizing the remote.

To reset a Samsung keen TV without the utilization of a remote, first switch off the brilliant TV. Continue squeezing and holding the power button for around 15 seconds, and afterward trust that the TV will come on without anyone else without the utilization of a remote control. Presently, without the utilization of a remote, you ought to have the option to notice your TV return to its default or factory settings.

This component isn’t accessible on all Samsung shrewd TVs. If the procedure of resetting the TV without the remote didn’t work for you, you should think about the remote choice or the choice without a PIN.

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV With Remote?

The TV remote control [assuming you have a useful remote] is the speediest technique for factory resetting a Samsung keen TV to its factory default settings.

  • To turn on the keen TV, press and hold the Samsung TV power button on the remote control for a couple of moments.
  • By squeezing the “Menu Key,” you might get to the fundamental menu of your TV.
  • Backing might be found by utilizing the route key and looking over.
  • On the remote, press the “Enter” button.
  • Select and touch “Self-Diagnostic” from the assistance menu.
  • Drift your cursor over “Reset” and press “Enter.”
  • Enter your own recognizable proof number (PIN). In the case of nothing is adjusted, the default worth will be “0000.”
  • To start resetting the TV to its factory settings, pick “yes” from the notice message.

Kindly remember that when the shrewd TV is reset, it might cycle on and off a few times, however it should not be wound down to complete the system.


In this article we examined How to Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote? On the off chance that this doesn’t take care of the issue, you might need to give refreshing the firmware a shot your TV, crippling and empowering the Sleep mode, or looking for specialized help.

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