How to Evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

Here, we will show you How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors. In Vampire Survivors, 10 of the weapons can be evolved. One of these is the Santa Water, a kind of heavenly water that drops a burning circle in an irregular region. When evolved, it becomes La Borra, an incredibly powerful weapon.

How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

To evolve the Santa Water, you’ll have to get the weapon to even out eight by picking up eight overhauls from one or the other leveling up or chests. Then How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors, you’ll have to find the Attractorb thing. Whenever you have met both of these prerequisites and have passed the 10-minute imprint, the following chest you get gets an opportunity to contain La Borra update.

How to Evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

To evolve Santa Water, you first need it at level eight. Then, you want to find its matched latent thing — Attractorb, which pulls in dropped things from additional reaches with higher updates. Together Repair Bows in Minecraft, they permit you to evolve Santa Water into La Borra, which produces greater and more grounded sacred water puddles on the ground and pulls them in towards your personality.

With a sufficiently high Cooldown detail, you can anticipate that La Borra should be on the field continually, creating a close long-lasting safe zone around your personality. At more significant levels, La Borra will not be able to a single shot foes, yet it furnishes steady harm related to your different weapons.

Santa Water

Santa Water is a weapon in Vampire Survivors. It is the starting weapon of Suor Clerici. It is opened as a matter of course, and can be proposed to the player from the beginning.

Santa Water rains down containers of blessed water from the sky How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors, what break upon influence with the ground, leaving puddles of water and blue blazes that harm foes.

Tips to accomplish advancement

The most straightforward method for getting the La Borra evolved is to begin with Suor Clerici, as they begin with the Santa Water. Since it’s your starting weapon
An especially successful system is to combine this with King Bible and Garlic (or their developments). Foes won’t for all intents and purposes ever have the option to arrive at the player
At level 1 Santa Water isn’t exceptionally predictable and it isn’t prescribed to involve it as a main harm seller until you arrive at levels 7 or 8.


In the Vampire Survivors 0.6.1 update, there is another test level called Moongolow that you open in the wake of getting hyper mode in four phases. Play through this level until around the thirteenth minute How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors, when a Gilded Clover thing shows up. Gather it to transform all foes into felines eyes.

The screen will then leisurely distort prior to loading another level. In the event that you bite the dust here, you can reselect the level by choosing the messed up choice in the level select menu. We prescribe you pick Gennaro to go through this test of endurance. Gather the pentagram toward the finish of the level, then stroll towards the thing the bolt is pointing at to get the Yellow Sign.

How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

Weapon Evolution Chart

As recently indicated, practically every one of the weapons that can be evolved have a corresponding Accessory in Vampire Survivors, which should be close by before the development will happen. The following table shows precisely how weapons and frill are associated How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors, and fans might find it supportive to reference it during their runs.

Vampire Survivors

Santa Water drops a lot of little cups loaded with sacred water that harms the foes over a brief term. At first it endures something like two seconds, yet the length can be redesigned 80% with the different weapon updates.