How to Drop Spike in Valorant

Here, we will find out How to Drop Spike in Valorant. While attacking in VALORANT, any player can get the Spike from the beginning the intention of planting it at any of the guide’s bomb locales. Be that as it may, figuring out how to drop it probably won’t be obvious to everybody.

There isn’t a button that lets you know how to drop it and mashing your console will have minimal outcomes. Instead, there is, as a matter of fact How to Drop Spike in Valorant, a method for dropping it that the game doesn’t tell you.

How to Drop Spike in Valorant

How to Drop Spike in Valorant

Its in every case great to know how to drop the Spike in Valorant Ascender in Fortnite, as there’s certain circumstances where you’re not going to need to take it with you.

For instance, in the event that you’re peeking mid on Breeze, you would rather not bite the dust while holding the spike, as then it will be awfully challenging for your group to recuperate the Spike with such countless points.
In this way, prior to peeking certain points or you simply need to drop it to another colleague How to Drop Spike in Valorant, players will actually want to drop the Spike by cycling to the thing in your inventory by means of the number keys or parchment wheel.

How to drop Spike

Prepare the Spike using “4.”
Drop it using “G.”
Try not to get it again.
To hand it off to a particular player, ensure you’re standing close to them. At the point when it drops, you “toss” it to them and they then have it added to their inventory.

However, there’s several memorable things. In the event that you’re going to drop the immensely significant bomb, ensure you do it in a protected area. Dropping it arbitrarily will allow your foes to set up around it How to Drop Spike in Valorant, which is made a lot simpler by the host giving away its area.

Singularity Phantom

Recalling that “G” is the default keybind for dropping a weapon is likewise significant.” Thus, ensure you have it prepared in any case you risk dropping that Singularity Phantom for the foe group to take and cut you down with.

Tips to consider while Dropping Spike

Try not to mistake dropping Spike for planting Spike. There are two things you could do at whatever point your partners are telling you to drop the Spike. One is you could either basically drop it in the ground before you. Also, the other is to confront your colleague who may be asking you to drop the Spike and drop it to pass it to them instead of dropping it on the ground.

Make sure to be ready of your surroundings while dropping the Spike. At the point when you drop the Spike it makes some commotion and in the event that the adversary is nearby, odds are they can hear the sound and could get some unclear information of your area.

How to Drop Spike in Valorant

How to Map Keys?

Tap the symbol that seems to be a stuff in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to get to the Settings menu.
To begin, pick Controls from this menu How to Drop Spike in Valorant, then click the Equipment tab that shows up underneath it.
Pick the activity to which you might want to plan the keys; for instance, in this situation, you would need to tap the button named “Drop Equipped Item.”

How the Valorant Spike Works

What might be compared to the bomb in other strategic shooters like Counterstrike.

Since it’s the focal impetus that procedures are worked around, it’s critical to truly comprehend how it functions.

In this top to bottom Valorant spike guide, we’ll cover its center mechanics and show you how to actually play around it whether you’re an aggressor or protector.


Timing in Valorant is vital, so knowing how long it requires to tame or spike a Valorant can save lives, Spiking in Valorant requires around 4 seconds, regardless of a couple of milliseconds. When installed, the Spike will require 45 seconds to detonate.

The taming system, then again How to Drop Spike in Valorant, is longer than the installation. It requires 7 seconds to totally disarm the explosive. Protectors will tame spikes in Valorant in the event that the circumstance is protected, If the foe approaches and players should shield themselves.