How to Dive in Horizon Forbidden West – Full Guide

In this article we will show you How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West. Knowing how to inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West and open the diving cover will open up all way of new regions for you to investigate. Numerous areas, collectibles and things are gated off by profound water that goes too far or profound for Aloy to effectively pause her breathing.

Luckily, when you can finally make the Horizon Forbidden West Diving Mask, you’ll get limitless oxygen and have the option to dive as profound as you need however long you need. I surmise the curves aren’t a thing 1,000 years in the future for Horizon Forbidden West? Regardless, this is the way to inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Dive in Horizon Forbidden West

To dive, you want to stroll into a waterway, a lake, or a stream and swim out into it. Then, at that point, when Aloy is swimming, press the square button to dive underneath the surface. How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West This permits you to see what’s under the water significantly more plainly. On the off chance that there’s a cavern aside, you’ll presumably have the option to see the bioluminescence of the animals that stay within it.

When you’re submerged, you can move around unreservedly with Aloy. However, you want to watch out for Aloy’s oxygen meter. Assuming it exhausts, Aloy will suffocate, and you’ll have to restart from your last checkpoint. Ensure that you’re swimming up for air routinely by pressing and holding the cross button. Aloy recuperates her breath rapidly, so you won’t have to spend too much time on a superficial level prior to diving down to find more secret fortunes.

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How to inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West

To inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West Aloy will require an extraordinary piece of hardware called a Diving Mask, a unique thing that gives an extremely durable oxygen supply and permits the player to remain profound for quite a long time at a time. It’s worth focusing on that it doesn’t empower you to do anything more in the water, for example, swim quicker or use weapons, yet it will give you limitless chance to find anything that you want to.

Where to get the Horizon Forbidden West Diving Mask

The Diving Mask is an exceptional piece of hardware that Aloy opens as a component of Forbidden West’s main mission plot, as certain story-fundamental missions can’t be finished without it. In particular, it comes during Aloy’s quest for the Poseidon AI in the Sea of Sands journey.

How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West During the course of this mission Aloy will meet three characters who need to find an item submerged, yet can’t pause their breathing to the point of doing it, also the way that they’re not actually men of activity. One proposals to assist Aloy with crafting a Diving Mask on the off chance that she can get the parts and investigate the water for them, leading Aloy to need to branch out hunting for the following crafting assets:

  • 1 Compressed Air Capsule
  • 1 Machine Knee Cap
  • 1 Synthetic Membrane

How To Unlock Aloy’s Diving Mask in Horizon Forbidden West

Without the terrifically significant Diving Mask, Aloy’s capacity to pause her breathing under the waters is diminished to approximately thirty to sixty seconds all at once. The designers at Guerrilla have provided Aloy with a touch of breathing room, seriously, to endure a couple of additional seconds when her oxygen comes up short in the event that the player is making a functioning work to surface for air.

However, when Aloy gets her hands on the Diving Mask, she’s ready to remain submerged indefinitely for all of your amphibian spelunking needs. All things considered, uncommon Greenshine pieces for upgrading the most noteworthy level of stuff can regularly be observed where people can never again step.

How to break submerged indented hindrances in Horizon Forbidden West

At the point when Aloy (the hero) dives underneath the ruins, she’ll experience submerged indented boundaries made of rocks, which appear to be indestructible. This, however, isn’t true. Players can dispose of depressed obstructions in a blink of an eye and get their hands on some important plunder inside.

To break them, essentially swim up close to them and hold the R2 button, which will make Aloy focus on the hindrance with her lance. This will annihilate the submerged depressed hindrances, which will frequently drop crafting materials and different things in How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West

Getting the Diving Mask to inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West

Players should advance through the main story to get the hardware expected to inhale submerged in Horizon Forbidden West How to dive in Horizon Forbidden West. All the unique stuff in the game is important for the main story somehow, and the present circumstance is the same.

While some stuff, similar to the Pullcaster, is procured very from the beginning, the capacity to inhale submerged is acquired in a mission part of the way through the game.