How do Relics Work in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy, players can procure and open various Relics to make investigation, battle, or any other part of ongoing interaction simpler or more tomfoolery. Every player can have up to two Relics prepared immediately, allowing for a boundless assortment of combinations since every Relic comes furnished with its own dynamic and uninvolved abilities.

There are a total of 20 Relics that can be opened: 12 that are Super Rare quality and eight that are Super Rare. A few Relics are opened through story movement, however others are obtained by collecting shards or parts, either by investigation or the gacha framework.

How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy

How do Relics Work in Tower of Fantasy

Relics are extraordinary things that could basically be classed as capacities in a few different games. At the point when you have a Relic prepared How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy, a fast press of that Relic’s input will have it enact prior to going into a cooldown once it closes. There is no restriction or strength to Relics, so you can continue to utilize them as often as you like unafraid of them breaking down or anything. You can have two Relics prepared at a time.

Instances of Relics are seen right off the bat in the game. The Jetpack is your most memorable Relic and will shoot you into the air before leisurely hovering your direction down. You will get the Missile Barrage not long from that point onward Get the Maglev Stalker, which can target foes and mischief them yet in addition explode broke stone walls. From what we have seen up until this point, each Relic is opened by completing different missions either attached to the story, investigation points, or completing ruins.

There are many Relics accessible in Tower of Fantasy, and practically every one of them can be valuable in battle. They are divided into two levels, SR and SSR. SSR Relics are basically the unbelievable things that are mightier than the others. You can likewise upgrade your Relics. Prior to doing in this way How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy, you really want to assemble an adequate number of Shards for that specific thing from the Crew or Crystal Dust Stores.

How do I involve Relics in Tower of Fantasy

Priorities straight, since Relics can fill one of two needs – assisting with battle or investigation – it merits setting up some preset Relic combinations. You can prepare two Relics all at once, and there’s a lot to look over (whenever you’ve opened them).

How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy

Considering that, you ought to determine a preset Relic combinations for battle, using devices like the Hologram Projector or Drone for instance. Then, you ought to likewise determine a combination for investigation. You’ll most likely believe this should include your Jetpack initially, and the Missile Barrage too, however you can change this later.

Attractive Storm

Release an electric tornado that movements through the combat zone for 10 seconds, throwing close by adversaries into the air and dealing harm equivalent to 186.3 percent of assault power. Actuation cooldown is 100 seconds.

Quantum Cloak

Enter a secrecy express that goes on for 10 seconds. Leave secrecy state subsequent to attacking. Initiation cooldown is 120 seconds.

Rocket Barrage
Place a rocket launcher that fires numerous rockets at neighboring foes How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy, dealing 34.8 percent of assault power with each strike. Actuation cooldown is 60 seconds.


Consistently in Tower of Fantasy, you can advance such a long ways before you hit a stopping point. On the very beginning you can arrive at level 18, on day two you can arrive at level 24, etc. The levels coincide with the sections in your Wanderer’s Log, so you can really look at that to perceive how close you are to the following capping point.

That being said, when the day to day reset time elapses, you’ll have the option to continue on. There was next to no happy to do in the game until we hit around level 20 How do Relics work in Tower of Fantasy, so know that the very first moment may be a piece dull.