What are Glass Shards used for in Elden Ring

Elden Ring keeps on opposing presumptions about the number of privileged insights an open world can hold. It flashes banter among players, and its various questions keep everybody pondering. Glass Shards used for in Elden Ring are one of these puzzlers. How about we investigate what glass shards are and the way that they’re utilized in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring keeps on breaking assumptions for the quantity of insider facts an open world can contain. It drives player discussion, and its numerous secrets keep everyone speculating. Glass shards are one such secret. We should investigate what glass shards used for in elden ring reddit and what they are utilized for in the Lands Between.

What are Glass Shards used for in Elden Ring

Glass Shards are a typical thing once you know where to look. It’s likewise viewed as consumable, regardless of not being able to be consumed. Here are the simplest ways of obtaining some Glass Shard.

  • Sold by Patches at Murkwater Cave.
  • Can be found in Wyndham Catacombs
  • Can be bought from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold subsequent to giving them
  • Patches Bell Bearing

Glass Shards are not costly, and you can hold an enormous amount of them. When you snag Glass Shards, the genuine secret is what, all things considered, Church of Inhibition is to do with them.

Glass Shards fill no need

  • Glass Shards are given this questionable portrayal in-game. “Shard of dirty glass. Useless waste.”
  • Despite the fact that they are viewed as consumable, they can’t be consumed. They can be purchased from traders, yet they can’t be sold for runes. The whole local area has looked for a specific reason for Glass Shards, and they aren’t utilized for any creating formula. As of this moment, the Glass Shard really is what it peruses. Useless trash.


What is it that Elden Ring need to need to refine past Soulsborne games?

  • The main thing that rings a bell is camera control. Every one of the Souls games and Bloodborne, also have that equivalent camera control than can absolutely demolish you in a manager battle or a tight foyer.
  • Yet, since Elden Ring should be an open world game with horseback riding, perhaps they’ll have the camera issues arranged.
  • I won’t say I’d like harder manager battles yet I in all actuality do figure they should attempt to try not to make supervisors with effectively exploitable shameful moves… like having the option to drop a generally scary adversary by moving around and jabbing him in the ass with a lance multiple times until he bites the dust.
  • A more inside and out character creation and more customization choices would be cool. Stylish ones as well as things that really affect how the person battles.

What enhancements might you want to see in Elden Ring?

Better manager plans as the plans for supervisors appear to get lethargic with From Software making standing excessively near them a reasonable methodology as their assaults fly right by you, additionally, more foe assortment or in the extremely least, make a movement to where I don’t see the staleness part of the way through.

What upgrades might you want to see in Elden Ring?

  • Elden Ring is an activity pretending game played in a third-individual viewpoint with interactivity zeroing in on battle and investigation; it highlights components like those found in different games created by FromSoftware, like the Souls series, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
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