Where to Get Snow Lotus in Tower of Fantasy

Food is significant, even in Tower of Fantasy. In this manner, Get Snow Lotus in Tower of Fantasy in the Asian MMO you’ll have the option to cook various recipes with different fixings and exploit the helpful buffs of your prepared food. One of these fixings is the snow lotus, an intriguing plant that allows you to set up the particularly nutritious snow lotus soup.

What’s going on with it? In this aide, we’ll make sense of where precisely you can find Snow Lotus in the ToF game world. We’ll likewise advise tower of fantasy tier list you about the very puzzling Snow Lotus Soup.

Where to Get Snow Lotus in Tower of Fantasy

  • Snow Lotus’ is one of the game’s uncommon fixings, in this way, it isn’t one that you will get toward the beginning of your excursion. Before you can get Snow Lotus’, SSR Weapon you should get to the Warren area. The Warren area is the fifth district that you will get to and is in the northeastern piece of the guide where everything is shrouded in snow.
  • There are really a lot of where you can find Snow Lotus’ once you arrive at the Warren locale. Every one of these areas is set apart on the guide above. Snow Lotus’ are a dim green variety that will in general contrast the white foundation of the Warren locale.

Utilize Snow Lotus’

You can eat a Snow Lotus without Get Phosphogranate cooking it in Tower of Fantasy and doing so will give your player seven percent of their wellbeing back in addition to 10,000 extra. That is a great deal for a basic vegetable. This fixing will likewise reestablish four Satiety focuses to your personality’s Satiety Meter. If you have any desire to cook Snow Lotus’, they can be utilized to make Snow Lotus Soup. This soup reestablishes a gigantic 20% of your personality’s wellbeing in addition to 20,000 extra. It additionally reestablishes 800 marks of endurance.

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