How to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

The main thing to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2, and the best way to get one is utilizing four weapons of a similar weapon type ensures getting a weapon with that weapon type. For instance, players can join one level 60 intriguing weapon and three level 80 weapons. Player investigation into the possibility getting a forerunner while consolidating four colorful weapons of a similar sort appraises the likelihood at 0.79% with 2901 preliminaries.

How to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

There are a few levels of weapons with regards to Guild Wars 2. Beginning, players start with the most fundamental of stuff, gw2 precursor gambling and when you’ve arrived at level 80, you’ll have amassed very much an assortment to work with. The most noteworthy level of all weapons and defensive layer in Guild Wars 2 is the Legendary level. This level permits players to utilize ostentatious cleaned weapons and reinforcement that award the most elevated level of details and are shared across the record. One more added advantage of Legendary weapons and protective layer is that their details are never firmly established, implying that insofar as you have the imperative Runes and Sigils, you’ll have the option to switch your job depending on the situation. This, obviously, is really helpful in Raids and Fractals of the Mists, where frequently players must have the option to change to adjust to the party’s necessities.

Obviously, such significant things aren’t not difficult to get, so there are a couple of stunts to acquiring the much-desired end-game stuff. While the more extravagant players of the game can just buy their Legendaries from the Black Lion Trading Post, they are frequently more than a 1,000 gold for every weapon, and the protection isn’t available to be purchased.

Forerunner Weapons

Antecedents are Exotic or Ascended Tier weapons that players can use to create Legendary weapons. There are multiple ways of acquiring them, for example,

  • Drops: Precursors must be acquired as plunder drops whenever players have arrived at level 62 and over. The higher your level, the more probable you are to get a drop from plunder, chests, compartments, reward chests, Farm Spirit Shards and so on. Nonetheless, the opportunity of it is still very low to get them. The most probable wellspring of acquiring a Precursor comes from Bonus Chests got from different World Boss occasions.
  • Spiritualist Forge: It’s feasible to get a Precursor by consolidating Exotic level gear in the Mystic Forge, situated in Lion’s Arch. You’ll need to guarantee that the four weapons you’re consolidating are, first, of a similar sort, and also, have a normal level north of 75. You’ll simply have the option to acquire a Precursor of the weapon you’re joining in the produce, so consolidating four Daggers can allow you a Dagger Precursor. The possibility acquiring a Precursor is still extraordinarily low, at just around 0.79% each 2901 endeavors.


  • The Heart of Thorns extension added the capacity to create your Precursors by going through assortment based forager chases. You’ll need to acquire Mastery Points that are just legitimate in the Central Tyria locale to open the making levels. Whenever you’ve made these Precursors, you will not have the option to exchange them, and they’re not accessible through a drop, Mastery Insight Points and the assortment based Precursors must be created once per account.
  • You’ll need to address Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lions Arch to open the assortment levels. You can observe him in the focal creating region of the guide.

In Guild Wars 2, how would you get an antecedent in GW2?

  • In the beginning of GW2 there was just a single way: irregular drop from crowds/chests/manufacture. Presently on top of that you have the choice to make the forerunners.
  • The arbitrary drop just applies to vanilla forerunners as the new ones must be created.

Where might I at any point observe a manual for Guild Wars 2 Builds?

  • Purchase Path of Fire (on the off chance that you don’t as of now have it)
  • Go into your legend board (H) and go to story (star symbol on the left side)
  • Light the Path of Fire story
  • Follow the bearings on the upper right of the screen (under the green star). You will ultimately get the raptor mount after around 30 mins of advancing through the story. Get the others by advancing into the PoF maps.