How To Get Maps In Escape From Tarkov

How To Get Maps In Escape From Tarkov

This article is about How To Get Maps In Escape From Tarkov. Escape From Tarkov presently has different Maps that you can choose from. However, it isn’t exactly clear to many players how to get them. While it isn’t so a very remarkable secret, the instructions on it aren’t exactly clear. Since you are wondering how to get the various Maps in ETF, we suggest you look at this aide.

Unfortunately, you have to purchase the Maps In Escape From Tarkov. So you should gather a great deal of Roubles to gather each and every one available in the game. Along with that, you should have the map in the Inventory when you attempt to enter the locale. So we suggest you gather up certain assets and we will show you how to unlock them.

Maps in Escape from Tarkov are exceptionally valuable during the game. On the off chance that you have a map of a given location, you will see all available extraction points even before the raid starts. In addition, you can also actually look at the map – this makes it easier to move around the location. This page presents an easy and fast way to get maps in Escape from Tarkov.

How To Get Maps In Escape From Tarkov

How to get a map quickly and easily?

The answer is straightforward – maps are sold by a merchant named Therapist. Right away, they will be unseen (their symbols in the store will be black). Essentially press the “Inspect” button. Along these lines, you can easily find all the maps and (after purchasing them), get an advantage in the game. Remember to conceal the maps in a safe container (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Container) – in any case, when you pass on, you will lose the map to another player.

How to Unlock Maps in Escape From Tarkov

Not at all like most games, you don’t get Maps through in-game advancement or play. All Extraction Points on the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov You should purchase each location before you can head off into a raid. Additionally, you should purchase maps at least a few times since you want them in your inventory.

In request to get Maps in Escape From Tarkov, you should head to the Trading area from the menu. While you are here, you should go to the Therapist. You can find numerous locations through the Therapist. At the hour of writing, there are five locations that you can purchase from the Therapist:

  • Resort – 9,845 Roubles
  • Woods – 13,355 Roubles
  • Customs – 14,100 Roubles
  • Factory – 16,929 Roubles
  • Shoreline – 20,948 Roubles

Additionally, there are things that occasionally don’t display straightforwardly. You can tap the thing and choose the Examine choice to reveal the thing.

Escape from Tarkov finally has a good set of maps

You can also set the maps to track explicit categories of things, note locations you’ve found, and leave your own notes. As anyone who’s simply getting started in Tarkov will be aware, it’s an amazingly handy set of tools.

Map Genie also has trackers for merchant journeys, as well as a detailed reliance flowchart that shows which missions to accomplish for which sellers to unlock later missions. It takes all the annoying mystery out of leveling up, which can be a tremendous task.

On the off chance that you’re not into Tarkov, Map Genie has maps for an expanding assortment of games that include The External Universes, Skyline Zero Dawn, several Assassin’s Doctrine titles, several Far Cry games, and more.

Look at our rundown of the best open world games on PC assuming looking at maps places you in the temperament for adventure. You’ll find all the Escape from Tarkov maps you want over on The Loadout.

How To Get Maps In Escape From Tarkov

Which maps are best for loot and PvP in Escape from Tarkov?

For PvP, probably Factory – there’s a relatively small number of players on it, valid, however the map is so small, and there are not many valuable locations, that experiencing another player is nearly unthinkable not. As for loot, that’s more complicated as it relies upon what you’re looking for, and what keys you have. Gunsmith Part 3 in Escape from Tarkov For example, the retreat on Shoreline has many rooms with loot, yet most require keys.

At the gamble of (figuratively) shooting myself in the knee: my favorite places lately are Woods (attachment shack, campsite with flash drive, sawmill) and Interchange. The firefight usually happens in the actual mall and since the mall is relatively large, you can avoid firefights altogether in this way increasing you chances of actually getting to the extraction point

There’s a loot for everybody in this map. Want a PC parts? Search up the room on the second floor. Want a weapon parts? Search up the parking area underneath the mall. Want a loot for exchanging with traders. There’s just 3 extraction points in this map. 2 of which is easily recollected via basic photographic memory (Emercon checkpoint is the gate with Semi trailer parked simply before the gate located at the south of the map.

Why are gamers addicted to Escape from Tarkov?

In this game, players need to constantly live and search for materials scattered on the map, and escape from the designated escape point before the designated time is finished. Maybe you accept this and PUBG games without question. You even want to play Takov to tackle this time of fatigue, yet you have to realize that this game is definitely not a “Great Escape” game.

The center of Escape from Tarkov isn’t to kill different players as much as conceivable and turned into the last survivor like the traditional shoot game, yet to find materials as much as conceivable and escape with the loot without being harmed. In the event that you can’t escape death, at least you want to guarantee that your exhaustive income after death can be maximized, because as lengthy as the game is killed, the materials and gear you carry will disappear forever, except if you put them in a safe and purchase insurance.

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