How to Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends

Simple Method to Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends – Full Guide

In Apex Legends, Heirloom Shards are a rare and profoundly desired type of in-game money used to open Heirloom things for explicit Legends. Heirloom things are exceptional corrective sets that include an interesting scuffle weapon skin, a flag present, and a joke. Every Legend has their own selective Heirloom set, making them an image of distinction and extraordinariness among players.

How to Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends

How to Get Heirloom Shards:

Apex Packs: Heirloom Shards are basically obtained through opening Apex Packs. Apex Packs are plunder boxes that can be procured as you step up in the game or bought using Apex Coins, which is the exceptional in-game cash. Apex Packs have an exceptionally slim likelihood of containing Heirloom Shards.

Heirloom Shards Assurance: To guarantee that players in the end get Heirloom Shards, there is a Heirloom Shards ensure in Apex Legends. When you open 500 Apex Packs without receiving a Heirloom set, the 500th pack will automatically allow you Heirloom Shards. This guarantees that players who have been unfortunate with pack openings can in any case open a Heirloom set of their decision.

How to Use Heirloom Shards:

Whenever you have gained Heirloom Shards, you can use them to open any suitable Heirloom set of your decision. At the point when you get Heirloom Shards, they will be added to your record, and you can get to them in the Heirloom part of the in-game store.

Access the Heirloom Store: In the store, explore to the Heirloom area, where you will find the accessible Heirloom sets for the various Legends.

Pick your Heirloom Set: Peruse the accessible Heirloom sets and select the one you wish to open. Recollect that each set is intended for a specific Legend.

Open the Heirloom Set: Affirm your determination, and the Heirloom Shards will be deducted from your record to open the picked Heirloom set.

What to Do With Heirloom Shards:

On the off chance that you currently own a Heirloom set for a particular Legend and you get Heirloom Shards, you can clutch them until another Heirloom set is delivered for an alternate Legend. This permits you to save your Shards for future deliveries and open new and extraordinary Heirloom sets as they become accessible.

How to Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends


Heirloom Shards are a rare and unique type of in-game money in Apex Legends, allowing players to open selective Heirloom sets for their number one Legends. By opening Apex Packs and acquiring Heirloom Shards, players can browse accessible Heirloom sets and showcase their notoriety and commitment to the game. Whether you save your Shards for future deliveries or use them to open your ideal Heirloom set, these remarkable restorative things add an additional layer of energy and compensation to your Apex Legends experience. Blissful hunting for your ideal Heirloom set and may it act as an image of your achievements in the Apex Games!