How to get Battle Pass Tokens MW2

How to Get Battle Pass Tokens MW2

Get Battle Pass Tokens MW2 as the game highlights a fresh out of the box new kind of battle pass that allows players to pick their prizes. Extraordinary mission at hand Current Fighting 2 is your standard COD game for the most part, extending the series on one more year of dominance, however it switches a few things around meaningfully.

One of these progressions is the new kind of battle pass, which might change how they work going forward in the series. Thus, in the event that you want some assistance with getting your opens, investigate how to get battle pass tokens in MW2.

How to get Battle Pass Tokens MW2

Getting Battle Pass tokens in MW2

Getting Battle Pass tokens is pretty much as basic as playing the game. However, dissimilar to most linear Battle Pass frameworks, and unlocking the things in request as you procure XP like most battle passes in the industry, MW2 permits you to pick you own compensations with Battle Pass tokens.

So how would you get them? All things considered, as we referenced, playing rounds of multiplayer, Disaster area 2, DMZ are how one can procure XP. While XP ordinarily goes towards a prize, presently XP goes towards a Battle Pass token. Twofold XP ends of the week are an incredible method for speeding this up.

Presently, you can use these Battle Pass tokens to open a compensation on the battle pass map. You can see the quantity of these tokens in the bottom right corner of the battle pass screen.

How to use Battle Pass tokens in MW2

Using the tokens you’ve procured through gaining XP expects you to choose a sector from the Battle Pass map on the Battle Pass menu. From here, pick one of the five compensations in the sector.

After every one of the prizes in the sector are gotten, you can move onto another sector for additional prizes.

How to get Battle Pass Tokens MW2

How to Pay for Battle Pass Tokens in MW2

Battle Passes are known for having some exceptional level jumps to get you through the grind faster, and MW2 is the same. Player scan pay for the more costly variant of the battle pass, which accompanies 20 battle pass tokens you can use.

In the mean time, the people who buy the vault version can get their hands on 50 battle pass tokens to us however they like on the battle pass. Beyond that, there doesn’t appear to be some other approach to buying battle pass tokens in MW2.

Can you buy Battle Pass tokens in MW2?

One more choice for players if they would rather not grind XP for new tokens is buying them through and through. This can be finished by selecting the “Buy Tokens” choice on the battle pass menu.

A single token costs 150 COD Points, however for a greatly improved bargain you can buy the battle pass pack, which accompanies 20 extra tokens.