How to Force Start Quests & Glitched Content In Fallout 4

How to Force Start Quests & Glitched Content In Fallout 4 – Ultimate Guide

In Fallout 4, quests and content movement can sometimes become glitched or fail to set off, hindering the player’s ability to advance in the game. This guide will give insights into forcing the start of quests and glitched content, allowing players to bypass issues and continue their adventures in the dystopian wasteland. We will investigate the reasons for force starting quests, techniques to do as such in Fallout 4, and give examples of quests that can be force started.

How to Force Start Quests & Glitched Content In Fallout 4

What is a Force Start Quest?

A force start quest is a technique to manually initiate a quest or trigger explicit content in Fallout 4 that may not activate because of errors, bugs, or different issues. By using this technique, players can bypass the normal triggers and start the ideal quest, allowing them to advance through the game.

Why would you want to force start a quest?

Force starting a quest becomes necessary when a quest fails to activate or advance as intended. This can happen because of various reasons, for example, glitched triggers, missed dialog choices, or other technical issues. Forcibly starting a quest, players can conquer these obstacles and continue their excursion in Fallout 4.

How to Force Start Quests in Fallout 4:

To force start quests in Fallout 4, follow these means:

PC Technique:

  • Open the control center by pressing the tilde (~) key.
  • Type “setstage [QuestID] [Stage]” (without the quotation marks).
  • Replace [QuestID] with the particular ID of the quest you want to force start.
  • Replace [Stage] with the ideal stage of the quest you want to start at.
  • Press Enter to execute the command and force start the quest.

Console Technique (Xbox One and PlayStation 4):

  • Open the control center menu by pressing the corresponding button (usually ~ or the Home button).
  • Type “sqt” (without the quotation marks) to display a list of active quests and their IDs.
  • Note down the ID of the quest you want to force start.
  • Leave the control center menu and open the Pip-Kid.
  • Select the quest you want to force start and mark it as active.
  • Continue to the quest location or trigger the necessary occasion to advance.

Some Examples of Quests That Can Be Force Started:

The following are a couple of examples of quests in Fallout 4 that players have effectively force started:

  • “Out of luck” – Quest ID: 0001a00c
  • “The Glowing Sea” – Quest ID: 000229e5
  • “The Molecular Level” – Quest ID: 0001b2a4
  • “Reunions” – Quest ID: 000229e4

Note: Be cautious while force starting quests, as it may lead to unintended results or disrupt the natural progression of the game. Save your advancement before attempting any force starts, and utilize this technique as a last hotel while encountering quest-related issues.

How to Force Start Quests & Glitched Content In Fallout 4


Force starting quests and glitched content in Fallout 4 gives a workaround to situations where quests fail to activate or advance as intended. By following the gave techniques, players can manually initiate quests and conquer misfires, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. However, exercise caution and use force starting as a last retreat, as it may impact the intended movement and narrative of the game. May your adventures in the Commonwealth continue unhindered as you defeat the challenges that Fallout 4 presents.