Best Way to Fix God of War Ragnarok’s Difficulty Change Bug

God of War Ragnarok’s difficulty change bug. St Nick Monica Studio needed the game’s intense action arrangements to challenge and invigorate no-nonsense players, yet didn’t have any desire to prohibit anyone from experiencing its legendary tale. It’s a difficult equilibrium to accomplish, however with a remarkable scope of openness options, and completely customizable difficulty settings, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not being ready to fit God of War Ragnarok to suit their own specific range of abilities, play style, and level of responsibility.

However, St Nick Monica Studio’s dedication to providing players with the ability to set their own degree of challenge has been to some degree undermined by a bothersome bug that is affecting a few players. That’s what the issue is, for a little however huge number of God of War Ragnarok players, the difficulty level doesn’t remain changed when they change it.

Thus, for instance, in the event that you began feeling presumptuous and set the difficulty to Give Me No Benevolence, however at that point got your behind completely kicked in the primary supervisor fight, then you could move the difficulty down to Give Me Equilibrium. This works flawlessly for most players, however those impacted by the bug will find that the change to the difficulty doesn’t save, so they get their butt’s kicked again, and when they return into the settings, the difficulty has gone back up.

How to fix God of War Ragnarok difficulty change bug

Fixing God of War Ragnarok difficulty change bug

  • Restart the game from the last checkpoint, then. Instincts in Goat Simulator 3 at that point, open up Settings and change the difficulty from that point.
  • Close the game and relaunch it.
  • Another workaround is to stack up the save record, open up Settings, change the difficulty and confirm this action by pressing the Touch Cushion. Then, press X to confirm the change in difficulty. You might need to attempt this on various occasions to inspire it to work.

On the off chance that none of these potential fixes worked out, you can begin another game with your ideal difficulty level and play from that point. Since it’s an irregular bug, there’s nothing you can do explicitly to forestall it.

Change Difficulty Doesn’t Work in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is finally here! And keeping in mind that the general experience appears to be fairly ironed out, there are still a few bugs and errors to a great extent. Fortunately, these are for the most part minor issues, and there’s nothing game-breaking. By and by, we are certain the engineers will get rid of them rapidly.

However, there is one issue that is as of now troubling a certain number of players. Specifically, a few players appear to be stuck and can’t change the difficulty. Assuming you are one of them, the primary thing you ought to be familiar with picking the most elevated difficulty – Give Me God of War – is that you can leave it, yet you can not return to it once you change it to a more straightforward option.

God of War Ragnarok Unable to Difficult To Change bug on PS4/PS5

You probably encountered this bug in your playthrough while in the wake of changing the difficulty settings, the foes and battle didn’t turn into a piece simpler to deal with. This bug is very annoying as you can’t increase or diminish the difficulty while being in the game at your convenience. However, you should not stress since there is a method for fixing this issue.

To handle this bug, you should simply to change the difficulty setting according to your inclination, then, at that point, change some other in-game settings, and afterward select them through the touchpad of your controller. Presently, you can continue the game with your preferred difficulty level. For certain people, pressing the “X” button subsequent to changing the difficulty setting has additionally done the work. You can attempt both of these techniques to see what works out for you.

How to fix God of War Ragnarok difficulty change bug

Is the new God of War, on the second to hardest difficulty?

To cut to the chase. Reveal Map Sections in Goat Simulator 3 Yes it is. God of War 2018 is truly unforgiving with ‘Give me a test’ difficulty.

Not really punishing as the standard thing ‘Hard’ games like Devil Might Cry or Ninja Gaiden, however it is a test nonetheless.

You ought to be prepared to die atleast one or two times at every foe experience, atleast at the initial not many levels, before you finally get the grip of how to play the game.

The game rewards variety gameplay. You can’t just depend on the hatchet to help you through. You should be prepared to mix it up. This is unlike the previous games in which just using the sharp edges were sufficient.

Is the new God of War harder than the older ones or am I just getting worse?

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