Where to Find Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2

This guide is about Where to Find Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2. In the preamble, while trying to escape the shed in Hello Neighbor 2, Quentin will utilize some stones and a crowbar to solve a mini-puzzle. These items can be carried on to the first Act, yet they won’t be sufficient to finish it. Therefore, it’s crucial that players brush the area to find all the necessary items.

910 Friendly Court is Mr. Peterson’s home where he lived with his family. However, things took a dark turn, forcing him to kidnap his son and move to the Exhibition hall in Hello Neighbor 2. While trying to reveal his privileged insights, Quentin should utilize a variety of items to open the basement door, including the scissors.

Very much like its ancestor, Hello Neighbor 2 has a lot of puzzles and riddles to solve. Early in Act 1, you’ll have to find the scissors to gain access to the second floor of Peterson’s home and nab two of four keys expected to open the locked basement door. In any case, search as you may, you won’t actually find the shears in the house.

Only one part of our larger Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1 walkthrough, this guide will only get you such a long ways through Peterson’s home. If you’re looking for additional puzzle solutions and tips for your first hour or so with the game, our Day 1 breakdown provides them.

where to find scissors in hello neighbor 2

How to get scissors in Hello Neighbor 2

Knowing how to get scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 is important and the path to this key item is fortunately simple. The scissors stay relevant during your entire playthrough, and they’re an easy grab, so we recommend getting your hands on them as soon as you can.

You can find this item in a treehouse near your starting point in Hello Neighbor 2. You’ll have to handle a straightforward puzzle first. Hello Neighbor 2 Come out After you’ve claimed them, you’ll have the option to snip your way through police tape, trim houseplants and more to tackle Hello Neighbor’s wild and whacky obstacles.

Where To Find The Map

While completing Act 1 inside Mr. Peterson’s home in Hello Neighbor 2, Quentin will find a dollhouse puzzle in the kitchen. Solving it requires collecting three dolls and placing them in their right request. The Neighbor Doll is the way to finding the map.

To reach it, head out of the kitchen from the right, then climb the wardrobe at the finish of the hallway. Move the picture frame far removed and crawl through the passage. Aside from the Neighbor Doll, a map will be held tight the wall to one side. After looking into it further, the red X is marked on a tree, near the house across from the Neighbor’s home.

To reach the X location:

How to Solve the Robot Arm Puzzle

You’ll see a train set center on the left side of the room (with its tracks going around the room) and a cardboard robot (knight) on the right side by the door. The scissors are inside the cardboard stop on the table, however you can’t simply cull them out.

Instead, head over to the drawing of the robot in the back left corner. Move it to get the robot’s arm. Place the arm on the right side of the actual cardboard robot by the door.

where to find scissors in hello neighbor 2

What is the creature in Hello Neighbor 2?

The Visitor is an obscure element in the Hello Neighbor legend. It is portrayed as a ravenous and desirous being that takes what it thinks individuals don’t merit.

The safe code for Hello Neighbor 2, Act 1 is: 1984. Emily Like in Stardew Valley Punch that in using the keypad on the facade of the vault, and grab the key for the top lock on the red entryway leading to the basement.

Theodore Peterson, regularly known as Mr. Peterson or The Neighbor, is the Main Antagonist of Hello Neighbor. He always attempts to hold the player back from breaking into and entering his home.

Stand on the finish of the Train’s Track and allowed the train to come to you. When the train is here, it will bring along the scissors that you can now use to cut the Police Tape. Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

Hello Neighbor is a stealth ghastliness game about sneaking into your neighbor’s home to sort out what terrible mysteries he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from everything you might do.

Is there a Hello Neighbor 6?

Aaron Peterson feels like he’s trapped in a recurring nightmare. Is Secret Neighbor 2 affirmed? Presently, Secret Neighbor 2 is not affirmed. This moment, it is altogether speculative as to whether Hello Neighbor 2 will seek the same spin-off treatment.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 on Steam. Alpha 3 of Hello Neighbor brought the primary iteration of the large house. Nicky can break the window with almost any item and move through it, so he will have another passage. A window breaking will attract Mr. Peterson’s attention, and he will immediately come to the window to find out what happened and then repair this window.

In Act 1, Nicky is a 13-year-old youngster with a blue and green baseball cap. He has a green bracelet and blue/orange sneakers. His teal shirt has a sharkatron on it, and his earthy colored shorts have a brilliant apple on them. He has earthy colored hair and earthy colored eyes with a longish red nose.

Visit this involvement in companions and other individuals you invite. See all your private servers in the Servers tab. Because of the fact that there is no wire box, the protagonist cannot switch surveillance cameras off, yet they can be broken by throwing an item into them.

The Sharkotron, also regularly known as the Shark, is a secondary foe experienced in Alpha 1 and the full game of Hello Neighbor in Act 2. It patrols the overwhelmed room of Mr. Peterson’s home, searching for intruders in the water, including Nicky Roth.