Where To Find Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley

Robin’s Lost Ax is an early-game mission in Find Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley. You’ll get a letter from Robin on the eleventh day of Spring (first year) requesting that you track down her lost hatchet in return for a prize. Here’s where it’s at.

Stardew Valley Quests are perfect for acquiring prizes and building kinships with Villagers. There are two principal journeys to finish: Story and Help Wanted missions. Assist Wanted ones with changing over the long haul and can be found at Pierre’s Shop, stardew valley robin shop while Story Quests are sent straightforwardly to your home.

Where To Find Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley

  • Robin will be acquainted with the player all along, meeting the fundamental person as they get off the transport and driving them to their granddad’s old ranch. It will be here that players discover that Robin can assist with giving house moves up to the future, so it would be smart to have a decent connection with her.
  • Notwithstanding the way that habitually the player initiates a discussion with her, Robin will look for the player’s assistance by the eleventh day of Spring (which is the eleventh authority day of the game since the playthrough begins in Spring). Players will get a letter via the post office from her that peruses: “MISSING: I lost my number one Ax! Assuming you track down it, Catch A Squid if it’s not too much trouble, get back ASAP. I’m making some extreme memories without it. There’s 250 gold in it for whoever tracks down the thing.”
  • Players can then choose the “Acknowledge Quest” button on the base, which will be formally added to the diary.

Where To Find The Axe

  • Players don’t have to hop at this journey right away, however it would be really smart since it is straightforward to sort out. To find the hatchet, players ought to head straightforwardly south from their homestead. From here, they ought to continue to travel south until they hit a waterway where they should cross a scaffold to an island with a tree on it and Use The Fridge afterward over one more extension to the opposite side of the area.
  • Proceeding to travel south will land the player in Cindersap Forest where players will ultimately stir things up around town to the sewers. It is as of now that players ought to stroll to one side until they hit a stopping point then follow the edge of the bluff side. It is soon after players begin doing this that they will find Robin’s Ax laying there. The game will then incite the player to take it back to her.
  • Whenever Robin is found, feature the hatchet on the hotbar so it is being held. Converse with Robin like this, and she will shout: “Hello, you saw as my hatchet! What a consolation… I nearly hacked my toe off with the other one I was utilizing. Much obliged to you!” Players will be compensated the 250 gold notwithstanding an additional heart on Robin’s relationship bar.

How would I reestablish a public venue in Stardew Valley?

  • This is your one-answer-per-day, Shreya. Partake in your pennies from Quora while I disregard your other inquiries and erase them from my inbox.
  • The long form of the response would find opportunity to compose and you try not to try and recognize the responses you get, so I won’t waste time with the long response.
  • The short response is that you get the Mayor to open the Community Center so you can go in and out however you see fit. Then, at that point, you attempt to peruse a brilliant look over that you find in the Community Center. You can not understand it, but rather you will be reached by The Wizard who will give you a mixture that allows you to peruse the parchments.
  • From there on, each room of the Community Center can be reestablished/fixed by collecting a heap of different things as determined in the look over (that you can now peruse). Most packages will be subject to the season (on account of plants and harvests), the area (on account of fish), or different measures like quality. When a group is collected, you offer it to the Junimos in the Community Center, who will repair the room. It takes several dozen packs to completely reestablish the Community Center and on the grounds that a few groups are reliant up on the season, it can’t typically be finished in under an in-game year.

What is the most straightforward method for getting hardwood in Stardew Valley?

  • , and afterward visit them frequently. The stumps regrow consistently, so you can procure 12 hardwood consistently from this.
  • Obviously, there are a few enormous logs and stumps on your homestead too, however these main give you hardwood once. The Secret Woods are the fundamental method for getting hardwood ceaselessly.
  • You can likewise get hardwood by developing mahogany trees, however the Mahogany Seed is somewhat precarious to get. The backwoods ranch gives a great deal of inexhaustible hardwood (when you have a sufficient hatchet to slash enormous stumps), and the four corners ranch has a woodland segment that gives a minuscule measure of sustainable hardwood. With any of the other ranch types, in any case, the Secret Wood is most likely going to be your principal source.