How to Find or Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs

The mechanics of Find or Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs is basic. You simply need to gather all of the transforms in the game. All things considered, a new update has added 6 new Backrooms Morphs which you can gather. In this aide, I’ll tell you the best way to can get each of them 6.

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How to Find or Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs

Would you like to find and open the getaway private cabin transforms without any problem? First and foremost, finding that the number of new reserved alcove beasts we that need to get is significant. Every one of the beasts in Gravity Falls seem to be the Gumball characters yet you want to take your action to find the got away from private alcove transforms. This is the way to find and open the break reserved alcove transforms.


Pikachu beast is situated inside the electric wire. You should get the prize to find the got away from reserved alcove transforms. Pikachu is hanging out behind some sort of power wall and we must track down the prize and do a touch of deal to track down Pikachu.


To open the turtle transforms, Deepwood Memories Artifact set then you should sit tight for the Halloween season. Assuming you really want the turtle transform you should pay special attention to the prize bring forth. The prize seems to be a piece of cheddar and you will get a ton of clues to get the prize. Assuming that you luck out with magically transporting, you can find the turtle transform in the reserved alcoves.

Gumball’s mother

Gumball’s mother is one of the transforms that is seldom seen. You should make a holler to Gumball and find her to open it. On the off chance that you are searching for her, you should track down Mr. Krabs. Five boxes appear to be old and exceptional. Open three out of five boxes to open Gumball’s mother. Assuming you are attempting to go after the dreadful little kitty keeping away from that is ideal. The kitty is in the Trap and you need to take a fast action to snatch the transform. the error firearm on someone before we get

A couple of platypus

A couple of platypus is a cup head figure and character. There is a Lego figure that is in green tone. The freak green and blue characters can be opened in the event that you get the identifications. You will get a great deal of clues to open the transforms. There is a glass in the section two guide that you need to break. Get a sledge and break the glass in the guide to open the private cabin transforms. Go to the passed on side and break the glass to get the transform.


To arrive at the diminutive person transform you need to break the mallet break. It is essential to stop up the bar and get the sledge from the guide in section 2. You can not tap on the transform in the event that you don’t have a sledge. You need to magically transport back to the pawn Squid Surge and pursue the smaller person transform. Attempt to pursue them and track down the prize to open it. There is a mysterious way to the criminal investigator’s base is where you will track down the prize.

Perry Peter

Perry Peter is a very unnerving transform and opening him can be troublesome. There is a painting in the shut entryway that will allow you to open this transform. There is a secret key that let you open the composition. You should go as far as possible up to open Perry Peter.


  • At the point when you go down the lift you will find one mystery room. You don’t have to right away glance around and simply open the room. As you move towards the upper region essentially fix the mysterious entryway. In the event that you as of now have an activity Find or Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs it may not function admirably. The smartest thought is to magically transport to another spot. All you really want is to reset your personality and outwit everything.
  • You can comprehend how the person functions yet you will seem to be a human. At first, your personality will seem to be a robot yet all that will change later. All that here seems to be confidential and you will require a method for concealing it. Players can bounce around for some time and press the button to track down the produce.


Next up is Zeus and he will be there in a jiffy close to the truck. At first, you may not comprehend where to go yet eventually, you will arrive at some place cool. Here you might feel adhered on where to go, yet things will ultimately sort it eventually. You will reach out to red toe and train eater. Players may not track down anything here however exchange will start very soon.

Shaggy Sugar

In the wake of moving to different region of the game you will currently need to search for more transforms. Simply drop down a bit and enter the mysterious entryway. As you drop down towards the Shaggy sugar all that will show up to improve things. The following move ought to be going to even out two. At this level, you will observer a great deal of new and intriguing things. Behind the bars, you will track down a great deal of transforms. At the point when you see as the vast majority of them, your score level will likewise go higher.

Mario and Gumball

Players need to express welcome to Mario as this character will hold back to invite them. How about we magically transport to a higher level by and by and track down Gumball too. Assuming that you are pondering where Gumball is, it will stay there in the rancher’s place. You simply have to open up the mystery room however there may not be something behind it also.

Lego Guy

At the point when the players are finished with finding different characters, they can begin to search for Lego Guy. You want to battle a bit and attempt to find the Lego Guy truly. It appears to be trying from the get go however when you go down to another room this is where you can track down him. This character will most likely be concealing some place you can’t find. Simply continue to check out at each corner and track down Lego.


Might it be said that you are searching for Perry now? Indeed, that is magnificent as you can have another experience to anticipate. He is somewhat slacked however you can unquestionably track down him. There are a great deal of good spots where the transforms can stow away. Nonetheless, you have the choice to proficiently move around and search for the spot. He should conceal in Sponge sway or Sherk’s place.

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