How to Find Anubis in Palworld

How to Find Anubis in Palworld – Full Guide

Palworld is an engaging game that combines creature collecting, farming, and survival components. Anubis is a special creature in Palworld, known for its one of a kind traits and abilities. Finding and taming Anubis can furnish players with a strong ally in their adventures.

How to Find Anubis in Palworld

Understanding the Importance of Anubis in Palworld:

Anubis is logical a valuable Pal in Palworld, possessing traits or abilities that make it desirable for various in-game activities. It could act as a reliable companion for combat, exploration, or other tasks, making it a sought-after creature in the game.

Tips for Finding Anubis in Palworld:

A. Exploring Different Biomes:

Different Habitats:

Investigate different biomes within Palworld, as Anubis may be all the more commonly tracked down in specific conditions.
Pay attention to biome characteristics and adapt your exploration strategy accordingly.

B. Interacting with Other Players:

Player Collaborations:

Engage with other players in the game and exchange information about Anubis sightings.

Cooperative play can lead to shared discoveries and increase the chances of finding Anubis.

C. Crafting Special Items:

Crafting Tools:

Craft special tools or items that may aid in tracking or attracting Anubis.

Some crafting recipes may be specifically intended to interact with or locate one of a kind Pals like Anubis.

Strategies for Taming Anubis:

A. Building Trust through Gifts and Food:

Offering Gifts:

Approach Anubis cautiously and offer it gifts, such as food or items it would find appealing.

Consistent gift-giving assists build with trusting between you and Anubis.

Feeding Anubis:

Recognize Anubis’ favored food types and guarantee you have them in your inventory.

Feed Anubis regularly to strengthen the bond and increase the chances of successful taming.

B. Using Battle Tactics to Subdue Anubis:

Combat Approach:

On the off chance that Anubis ends up being more aggressive, use combat tactics to weaken and subdue it.

Be prepared with appropriate gear and abilities to handle potential confrontations.

Capture Tools:

Craft or acquire capture tools that can assist in safely subduing Anubis without causing harm.

Use these tools strategically to minimize gambles during the taming process.

Challenges and Dangers when Searching for Anubis:

Aggressive Natural life:

Be cautious of aggressive natural life that may represent a threat during your search for Anubis.

Utilize protective strategies or engage in combat when necessary.

Environmental Hazards:

A few biomes may have environmental hazards that can affect your search for Anubis.

Prepare with suitable gear and items to navigate challenging terrain.

Competing Players:

Other players in Palworld may also be seeking Anubis, leading to potential competition.

Plan your approach and interactions with other players to maximize your chances of finding Anubis.

How to Find Anubis in Palworld


Finding and taming Anubis in Palworld is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that adds profundity to your gameplay. By exploring different biomes, interacting with other players, and employing specific crafting strategies, you can increase your chances of encountering Anubis. Taming strategies, such as building trust through gifts or using battle tactics, rely upon the remarkable characteristics of Anubis in the game. Navigate challenges and dangers carefully, and partake in the excursion of discovering and bonding with this special Pal in Palworld.